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will i lose body fat quickly by weight training and cardio ?

i have recently started the gym again , mainly to lose body fat . im not bothered if i gain weight , just want to lose fat , will weight training and cardio help me to do that ?

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6 Responses to “will i lose body fat quickly by weight training and cardio ?”

  1. GarDz said :

    If you push yourself then of course it will!

  2. Dietitian said :

    yup your fat will be converted into muscle….and your work out plan will help you…..

  3. Chris.Kav said :

    Yes however it also very important you adjust your diet, you can’t just eat junk food all day then go to the gym and expect results.

    Try a weight training split, train 2 muscle groups per day 3 days per week, and do some HIIT (High intensity interval training) on the other days.

    Edit: the above post is nonsence, you CANNOT turn fat into muscle!

  4. mona lisa said :

    Yes it would because the cardio will help you loose the body fat and you also will use allot of calories doing this aswell.And the weights will help you too tone your body aswell.

  5. Louise Smith said :

    Yes! You will most definitely lose lots of body fat by weight training, weightlifting, and cardio.

  6. Nikki said :

    yes you can lose body fat quite fast with weight training & cardio but you will also have to adjust your diet.. Its not just exercise that helps you lose body fat even diet plays a very important role in that.


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