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how to lose weight and get my body back quickly?

what are some good ways to lose weight quickly besides the obvious: eat less, exercise more. i am a teenage girl and i gain muscle pretty quickly so i dont want to do any exercises that particularly focus on thighs and arms. i have mainly put on weight in my calfs and i feel self conscious about legs! thank youuu

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6 Responses to “how to lose weight and get my body back quickly?”

  1. Lucy Ridley said :

    When you wake up in a morning eat fruit. This gets rid of bad food like fats and sugars in you stomach. So, Drink water and eat fruit all morning until 12.00 and then just eat normal after dinner. Just basically eat very healthy before dinner and just quite healthy after dinner 🙂

  2. Melissa L said :

    do stairs it helps tone..

  3. BobBy In NH said :

    The first place a girl gains weight is the boobs. If you gained in your calfs, its most likley mussle and mussle weighs more than fat. Stop the carbs….IE….pasta, don’t drink soda, splena or equal….no sugar, no doughnuts…..(fat pills), snack on vegies….and the rest you know…….you know what is not right.

  4. F Baggins said :

    the obvious ways are the best ways. everything else is a gimmick.

    the one thing i’d add to what you wrote is to eat better quality food. it’s not just a question of limiting calories, but of eating enough real food – especially lean meats and vegetables. as little junk as possible – you literally are what you eat.

    as for losing weight without gaining on your thighs and arms, you could try swimming or running. look at the bodies of women who run the middle distances and you’ll find that their bodies tend to be slender (especially compared to sprinters, for instance). so the kind of exercise you pick matters.

    lastly, you don’t say how old you are, but don’t freak out about your body. learn good habits – eat well, eat reasonable amounts, and exercise regularly. your body will take care of itself. even when you have a great body, it won’t make you a great person, so don’t forget to work on the other parts of your life – your intellect, your personality, your spirituality. those things are a big part of who you are.

    good luck!

  5. Read Hear said :

    Obesity has become a major health problem around the world. Many companies have brought diet pills, medicines, powders and weight-loss belts in the market. Though these products claim to aid weight-loss, the weight reduction is temporary. Besides, the pills and powders can adversely affect your health. Here we offer you some tips to reduce weight successfully, without any negative health effects.

    1 Reduce fat intake:
    2 Reduce intake of sugar:
    3 Decrease alcohol consumption:
    4 Stay away from processed, fast and junk foods since they are laden with fat and sugar.
    5 Reduce quantity of food without going hungry:
    6 Adopt regular eating habits:
    7 Raise the amount of physical activity:
    8 Learn a new hobby or interest:
    9 Improve your metabolism by eating natural foods:
    10 Control your appetite:

  6. Ship Depend said :

    you need to find an exercise and eating (notice I didn’t say DIET) plan that works for you;

    You also need to find a strenuous physical activity that you actually enjoy, it might just be walking.

    Pretty soon your friends will be asking you for advice!

    – Healthy life every day!
    Good luck, you can do this!!


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