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Does anyone know how to lose weight quickly, but not so quickly that you gain it all back?

I have been struggling with my weight for over a year, and I keep going up and down. Diet pills do not work, diet drinks (the kind that guarantee faster metabolism) do not work, and diets in general do not. I am vegan, which may complicate things (you can’t get much healthier), but I do not exercise as much as I should. I’m basically looking for some tips, or exercise programs that have worked for you. Buddies are accepted as well. =) Anything will help, thanks.

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4 Responses to “Does anyone know how to lose weight quickly, but not so quickly that you gain it all back?”

  1. po_er said :

    diets dont work. if they do they fck up ur body. nobody should ever do them (like diet programs)

    you could try
    -eating only brunch
    -excercise every morning(like less than 30 but more than 5 min)
    -dont be lazy
    -drive less, bike/walk more

    change in diet? (not meat, but different variety of veggies)

  2. Benjamin R said :

    Well, first of all as a fellow vegan you want to make sure you’re not just carb loading. Eat raw nuts, beans, veggies like spinach, mushrooms, onions, carrots, root vegetables. Eat brown rice rather then white rich, whole wheat grains, etc.

    However, I want to make sure to point out, weight fluctuation is normal. Humans simply fluctuate naturally within their weight from three to five pounds to as much as ten pounds sometimes.

    Also, you might be constantly shifting to a certain weight because that is your natural healthy body weight. You shouldn’t focus so much on “keeping weight down” unless you are in an unhealthy weight category.

    All that aside, the key here is going to be consistent exercise. I will give you one tip, and refer you to a really great website

    My tip is, to get a big year on a page calender and a red magic marker. As big as possible. Now, set your two rest days for the week. Put big red X’s in those days for the whole calender. Now, whenever you exercise for the day, give yourself a big red X. Humans are funny creatures, and simple little motivation tricks can sometimes really help us. Once you start building up a chain of those red X’s, you won’t want to stop. You won’t want to not exercise because you’ll want to give yourself a red X. Try it. it works out real well.

    good luck,

  3. Mickey Red said :

    being a vegan is not that healthy. If you also need to lose weight that is alarming, since that type of diet is already like poison.

  4. abby650 said :

    what i think is exercise
    it takes and average person 21 days to break a habbit so exercise everyday and in 21 days it will be normal to you also i think being a pescitarian because you dont eat meat but you can eat fish and fish is good =]=]=]=]


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