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Anyone know what I can use to help me lose weight fast?

I want to lose weight fast and I’m thinking about using either diet pills or shakes (like Slim Fast or Hydroxycut). Does anyone know which product actually works?

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17 Responses to “Anyone know what I can use to help me lose weight fast?”

  1. IntoTheStatic said :

    The best would be your index finger…

  2. Haley said :

    I lost 15 pounds in two moths just by walking all the time

  3. treu_signal said :

    Healthy eating and exercise is the only way! Anything else will just fuck up your insides!

  4. Brittany :) said :

    I’ve never had hydroxycut, but I heard hat the SlimFast works.

  5. iloveca said :

    diet pills will mess your insides so just do it naturally

  6. Dynamite said :

    No No NO diet pills, or shakes there is no good way to lose weight, but exercise

    Pills do not work. Or shakes are just a waste of money they don,t work either
    I prefer exercise that is the only great way do not take the shortcut out of pain, pain is good

  7. Tomb Raider said :

    I suggest using the Slim Fast Shakes,I lost 45 pounds after I had my son,they contain a lot of vitamins and fiber too and they are a controlled amount of calories which is nice,I replaced breakfast and lunch with them and ate a healthy dinner,I really liked them,they were convenient and if you get them cold and drink them with a straw,they are quite satisfying,I also would eat some fruit and raw vegetables during the day.I liked them so much that even after I lost the weight,I would use them for my meals,just my experience,Tomb Raider.

  8. BREE said :

    dont use that stuff it doesnt work. you might think its working but youre probably gonna lose all water weight. the best way to lose weight is to start exercising and eating right. focus on losing one pound a week

  9. |ĸ-вear| said :

    none of those products give you any results if you dont workout 4-5 times a week and diet along with taking them

    they all “work”. Every single diet pill “works”. You just hear people saying “omg they dont work!!” because those people dont workout and eat a healthy diet while taking them.

    There is no pill that you can take while your sitting on your ass eating cheeseburgers that can make you lose weight.

  10. YnotBnvd said :

    Seriously….phentermine works really really good… can only get it online though…the results are amazing….go to

  11. Tao J said :

    try hypnosis. you must create an identity that you are hot slim and you will become so.

  12. Shannon said :

    I never tried SlimFast, but all hydroxycut did was make my heart race. I was shakey all the time and I felt like I was on speed. It was aweful. I recomend just lowering your calorie intake and exercise (mostly cardio to burn fat). Another thing that has worked for me in addition to regular diet and exercise is NOT eating or drinking anything than water after 7pm. I have been doing this for 2 weeks and have lost 5.5lbs. I hope this works for you! Good Luck 🙂

  13. Exodous G said :

    Dont waste your money!!!!
    Using pills and shakes will back fire.
    A lot of those pills have bad side effects too.
    You need to eat and a lot!!
    I know that sounds like bull but it’s the truth.
    Eating smaller portions throughout the day will speed up your metabolism.
    Eat a good breakfeast, lunch, and dinner.
    Eat snacks between too.
    The trick is “EATING THE RIGHT FOODS”.
    You can eat a whole foot long sub that has about 500 calories, while a single frapachino can have as much as 2,000 calories!!!!
    It comes down to calories!!!
    Make them count.
    Drink more water than anything.
    A can of soda can have as much as 200 calories.
    You can eat a whole ,meal containing 700 calories or a snack that has 1,000.
    It’s just eating smart.
    Exercise is important too.
    Too lose weight you need to burn calories.
    Start off with cardio and add some weight training in.
    Weight training will actually make you lose weight faster.
    Remember, your actual weight is not the only factor.
    You can gain weight but get smaller.
    Muscle is 3 times heavier than fat.

  14. Tiziano said :

    Absolutely none of the above. Those quick weight loss systems rely on inadequate nutrition and result in a reduction in lean body mass (LBM), unsustained weight loss and a drop in your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) all of which are the opposite of what you want. This has demonstrated in numerous clinical trials.

    Your objective is to lose specifically fat not weight in general because losing weight doesn’t imply losing fat. When you embark on a sudden low calorie diet, your body goes into a starvation mode, protects its fat reserve and will give up protein instead which is metabolically cheaper. Your metabolism then continues to drop and then you need to eat even less to keep losing weight. Your mood suffers and inevitably you break and a binge ensues not because of lack of will power but because your harming your body and liver with malnutrition.

    You can take it from me 100% that if you’re objective is to lose fat, you need a full and balanced diet with sufficient calories which is sustainable rich is unsaturated fats, lean protein and low Glycemic Index carbohydrates (essentially whole grain carbs) then nuts and legumes together with a regular and challenging exercise regime where you are exerting yourself to about 60% of your maximum heart-rate combined with resistance exercises push ups and sits up and using a swiss ball to maintain your LBM.

  15. Nicole said :

    Visit: this system helped my sister to lose weight!

  16. Lucia K said :

    A glass of warm water as soon as you get up in the morning it cleanses your colon exercise more swiming is great good luck

  17. Adryan said :

    Today people are having a hard time in searching for the best way for them, to reduce their weight. There are some who tried different diet programs and diet pills just to lose weight.
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