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Does anyone know how to lose a lot of weight fast?

I need to lose like 30 or more pounds by april 9th. Does anyone know a really easy and fast way to lose weight?

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3 Responses to “Does anyone know how to lose a lot of weight fast?”

  1. Ali M said :

    do jogging and sit ups it works for me

  2. Mandy<3 said :

    There is no healthy way to do that.

    You will feel run down, so i dont approve of this but the only way is just not eating or bulimea.

    But only do that if you want to screw up your teeth and your insides.

    But best of luck!

    i advise alot of fruits and veg and only that! and alot of walking! walk your booty off!

  3. Laticia said :

    I always find that the best way for me to drop a few pounds, is with the help of a wonderful thing I stumbled on one day. It’s called LipoSafe. I especially like it because it’s safe to use because many other diet products are filled with massive doses stimulants, which can cause the jitters, shakes, migraine headaches, nervousness, irritability and sleepless nights. LipoSafe is definately my choice when I’m trying to shed some pounds! Hope this helps you!


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