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Does Anyone know How Can a 15 yr old girl lose weight Very Fast?

my friend is strugling alot she weighs abt 200 pounds And She wants to have her sweet15 but she wants to lose weight fast!Besides just diet And Extersize!Anyone Has ANY Suggestions:).Please And Thank You<3

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6 Responses to “Does Anyone know How Can a 15 yr old girl lose weight Very Fast?”

  1. pandabomb said :

    Tell her not to eat after 7 pm. Eat 5 small meals throughout the day instead of 3. Cut out all sugary drinks. Other then that, tell her to eat healthy and excercise. Good luck!

  2. Artemisc said :

    There is no safe way to lose weight very fast. Besides, the faster you lose it, the faster you regain it. Do it sensibly and safely.

  3. Tallulah said :

    Well, you said without diet and excerisize so i have no idea what to tell you.
    If shes 15 than it will be A LOT easier to lose the weight than when she turns 18. So i suggest she gets on a diet this second, and runs every mornign like i did. To lose the weight. Otherwise when she turns 18 she wont be able to.

    If she does want to lose it b4 her birthday run every morning before school and every night before nightfall, or swim. Cardio workouts make the weight magically disapear.
    Really if you are looking for a pill for her to lose weight, or maybe a surgery you are NOT helping friend. I have two older sisters and countelss brothers.

    One sister took the easy way out and took weight pills. The other dieted and excersized. They were in the NEWSPAPER because of the difference.
    Clemencia the one that took pills is back up to a whopping 250. While my other sister Ember is 115 less than me!
    So to be a real friend i suggest you.
    Tie your friend to a treadmilll!
    Good luck with that.

  4. Morgan said :

    Well there are a handful of things that come to mind however none of them are going to cause her to lose “fat”. She may lose weight but it will be water weight. And of course it will be only temporary. Not to mention it’s not a healthy road.

    She could reduce her calorie intake crazy low. Sooner or later she’ll lose her mind and go on a binge and end up gaining the weight back plus some. Again super unhealthy method.

    To be blunt, no. Proper diet and exercise is the only way to go.


  5. tornapart7729 said :

    you mean you’re struggling a lot… you weigh over 200 pounds and you want your sweet 15 so if you don’t want to exercise because you’re EXTRA-SIZED…

    cocaine = success rate 98%
    nazi concentration camp = success rate 100%

  6. clem said :

    The best way to loose weight quickly is to do sports. However, you loose weight really easily when your mind is light and positive because you gain weight when you’re stressed out.

    The best sports that could help are swimming, running, walking, cycling or anything that can keep your stamina up and that makes you work on long distances. It is possible even if your friend doesn’t do any sports throughout the year, she needs to have the motivation, get up early and do 20 minutes of jog every morning for example.
    If it seems hard or boring, do it together, or with a bunch of friends, and try to have fun and relax!!

    Hope that can help a bit.


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