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Anyone know how to lose weight fast?

I am in my fiances brothers wedding in June and I want to lose weight so bad! I want to do it fast but also safely..any suggestions?

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12 Responses to “Anyone know how to lose weight fast?”

  1. angellover6056 said :

    Detox until the wedding. Nothing but water, fish and vegetables. It works trust me

  2. ktray1275 said :


  3. Alexis221 said :

    Dont eat. Just drink water


    Yes, it’s called EXERCISE. Cardio, in particular.

  5. refuse2lose_2006 said :

    Go on the TV show Survivor. Or Ask Dr. Phil or Martha Stuart

  6. Lays Chips said :

    Take some yoga classes, and also excercise, too. the ab lounge also worked for me mega time!

  7. ♥ Pawya! said :

    stacker 3

  8. Lulipop said :

    Fast on vegies and fruits. That will do it. Make sure you get rest while doing it. Your work load has to diminish so you dont feel tired. Start with no meat and dairy then stop the pasta then do just brown rice, then do the fruit and veggie thing. then to come off build back up slowly. You dont just want to fast all of a sudden. Planning is everyting when it comes to losing weight without hurting yourself.

  9. frances b said :

    join weight watchers they are very good aim to loose 2 lbs a week slow but nice for slow you don’t get it back on it worked for me

  10. ratrescuer69 said :

    Eat less, drink more water/green tea, I don’t really suggest drinking diet coke/pepsi or other types of diet drinks, as the artificial sweeteners that they contain sometimes make you crave food more often. Try jogging a few times a week, particularly at night if you’re nervous about it. Also, don’t try and rush it too quickly, the stress you get from failure might even increase your weight..

  11. suzie said :

    For start 3 meals a day only!
    Lots of water and have the biggest meal early in the day.
    Stay away from night eating
    Like junk food,Sweets,fatty food, etc….
    Eat mostly steam & grill food and vegetables
    Do a little exercise 2 times a day walking or jjogging.
    If you are hungry? and you need to eat late try having fruits & water R 4 or 5 crackers & tea or black coffee no sugar…! lol

    Note! …..You can eat your normal food but try eating maybe half of what you normal eat. but .
    Please! please! please! don’t starve yourself

    I hope I was of some help…….

    Good luck

  12. Jenny said :

    The best way to do it is to eat six small meals a day. Don’t have these meals at a regular size or you’re obviously not going to lose weight. Put the food on a small plate if it helps.

    The first thing you should do when you get up is to drink a cup of hot water and lemon to boost your metabolism. Then have one of your six meals. Ideally your first few meals in the day should be made up of mostly RAW foods as these are proven to help you lose weight quicker. It might sound weird but having a plate of fruit for breakfast and raw vegetables and salad for lunch and your afternoon snack is much better than cooked food. Also, fruit smoothies or juices are great and really fill you up.

    Later on in the day try and cram in some more raw veg but if you’re feeling a fit fed up of the raw food then boil some green vegetables with some potatoes or brown rice and lean chicken or fish.

    Finally, CARDIO CARDIO CARDIO! This is the best way to lose weight safely. If you can, start the day with a nice power walk (or jog). It will get your heart pumping and the fresh air will make you feel great. Try and go to the gym after work or go for a swim but most importantly do something that you find fun so you don’t bored. Doing cardio is important if you want to BURN calories so make sure that when you’re exercise you can feel yourself working up a sweat and feeling a bit out of breath. Once you’ve lost your target weight loss you can start building up your muscles for definition. Hope this helps and you look fabulous on the day! 😉


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