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my beagle needs to lose some fat how can i get him to?

he was overfed, now we run walk him 2-3 times a day and for the past 2 weeks hes been slimming down around the waist.

i just notice the around the chest and neck area theres like a roll of fat on his neck and around his chest almost.

its nothing major just a tiny slab of fat i would like to take off

any tips?

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6 Responses to “my beagle needs to lose some fat how can i get him to?”

  1. [email protected] said :

    Keep up the exercise – it takes time AND that particular slab might not come off. (Talk to any woman who hates her thighs – you don’t get to choose!)

    Also try adding some veggies to his diet … some cooked carrots or canned pumkin perhaps … to stretch his food a bit and reduce his calories.

  2. B-Rabbit said :

    I like the first answer, and I might add get him weight management dog food if you haven’t already. How old is he? Beagles are hunting/sporting dogs and you can’t really over exercise them if they are still fairly young. If you want to tighten up his chest get a rope toy to tug-o-war with him every day, but be prepared beagles are a lot stronger than they look.

  3. crc45169 said :

    Excercise is wonderful, but diet is important as well. You’ll need to get a nice weight loss diet formulated for lean body mass, not just extra fiber so they feel full. Purina OM is excellent in my opinion. I use it for our veterinary clinics weight loss program.
    Along with proper diet and correct amt, cut out the extra treats that are high in calories. Carrots, plain cherios, celary, and some fruits are great for snacks. Never use grapes, raisins, or onions.
    The lean muscle mass they create over time from proper excercise and proper weight loss diet help take off those little fat pockets, BUT extra skin can be a pesky longterm issue and overweight dogs can get lypomas when they get older. Lypomas are just fatty tumors that are benign. They come in all sizes and don’t go away once the dog has lost the appropriate weight, they are usually only removed if they are causing a mobility problem.
    This process of toning the problem areas takes longer than just getting the weight down. After you feel you’ve done everything right, if the area still bothers you, check with your vet to make sure there are no problems.
    The nice thing about OM from Purina is that it can be fed as a routine diet where many others are not formulated to do so.

  4. craigslistlvnv said :

    Feed him a little less then what he should be eating and keep exercising him. Once he loses the extra weight make sure to feed him only what is recommended and no people food.

  5. Taryn B said :

    get light food i use science diet

  6. thunderkatz03 said :

    more exercise, lower caloried diet and try replace some of his food w/canned pumpkin its great for dog weight loss make sure its just the plain canned pumpkin and nothing added to it.


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