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Lost weight want to keep it off?


just lost 4 stone and a bit mainly by reducing calories and no chocolate and only diet fizzy drinks.

Any way I was wondering if anyone knows a good way to keep it of and more importantly how I should start eating due to the probable loss of muscle and redistribution of fat.
This phase should include excercise? like a demi-diet still keeping control of food intake but only increasing it slowly so as to maintain but not lose anymore weight?
Suggestions please?

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5 Responses to “Lost weight want to keep it off?”

  1. [email protected] said :

    sorry to burst your bubble but i just found it for you it was down the road by the shop. its a bit wieghty to carry tho

  2. darkabz said :

    keep on a steady balanced diet with nothing extra or you’ll gain your weight again really quickly

  3. Dezire D said :

    To maintain your weight you must burn as many calories as you take in. If you eat more then you need to exercise more. Calories that you take in that are not burned are stored as fat and that’s how you will gain back your weight.

  4. kc said :

    congrats and well done!! well stay off sugar and fat as much as possible. yes,this phase should include exercise indeed as you need to build up your muscle tissue. just carry on eating healthy and make sure you drink a lot,but if possible water. and dont forget,you wont tone up without excersise and yes increase your calorie intake slowly

  5. cheyanne said :

    check out this website it will help you a great deal. just copy and paste the link to your browser. good luck!


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