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Have you lost weight? I want to loose three stone, how do i do it?

Got results and lost pounds?
How did you do it? How long did it take? What do I have to do?
I want to safely loose weight and keep my energy up…

Helpfull tips please?….

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6 Responses to “Have you lost weight? I want to loose three stone, how do i do it?”

  1. SniperBaby said :

    Go to a book store and find “Neris’ and India’s Idiot Proof Diet”. It’s basically Atkins, South Beach, GI and Zone diet mixed together. The book is quite easy to read and almost fun.

    I’ve lost 40lbs. since February 1.

    Best wishes.

  2. Hot_cakes said :

    firstly a good diet, then excercise on a daily bases and not endulging in fatty foods

  3. Kerry said :

    i lost two stone by just eating
    pasta/noodles once a day
    and i don’t know how i did it,
    you need to be really able to wasn’t to dso it to do it
    because i cant do it now hoe ever much i diet lol
    but id just eat healthy meals and exercise 🙂

  4. jennileajones said :

    There really is no magic formula to losing weight. Make healthy food choices and exercise regularly. It will seem a bit of an uphill struggle at first but the weight will soon shed away.

    I fully recommend the wii fit!

  5. ain't real ♫ said :

    i lost 15 pounds in 2 months and it wasn’t that hard. i think that i can give you some tips for losing weight..
    Here are some tips to help you lose more weight:
    – Eat a diet of around 1200-1500 calories daily
    – Eat healthy food like fruit and veg, fresh fish, lean meat, egg whites, low fat dairy products, complex carbs, bran etc.
    – Cut out junk foods, soda, processed food, take outs and don’t eat fattening snacks but opt for healthy choices instead such a oat cakes, fruit or veg sticks
    – Drink 8 glasses of water per day to ensure that you stay fully hydrated
    – Eat small but regular meals and snacks, consuming at least 6 small meals or snacks.
    – Do at least 30-40 minutes of intensive cardio per day (running, swimming, gym, sports, dancing, aerobics) You should make sure that your heart rate is at least 60-80% of its maximum to ensure that you are in the fat burning zone.
    – Do strength training (push ups/crunches/squats) in order to tone and build lean muscle which will increase you basal metabolic rate
    – Set target goals and record your weight loss in a journal
    – Change your lifestyle in general. Walk or cycle instead of driving and see healthy foods as a treat not a burden
    -You can also search on youtube for videos which are showing how to do some exercises with the right way.
    -Here are some healthy recipes:
    -Try drinking green tea twice a day.It can improve your metabolism.
    GOOD LUCK!.. 😉

  6. Grizzlie said :

    I lost 8 pounds in about one month by following a mediterranean diet. It’s a healthy, complete and varied eating style, rich in grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes and fish and providing your body with a balanced intake of all the nutrients you need to stay healthy and control your weight. No foods are off limits, you just learn to combine them in a balanced mix and to control your portions: losing weight is a natural consequence of your healthier eating habits, so it’s something more similar to a lifestyle than simply to a diet, you don’t feel deprived of food and sticking to your plan is quite easy.
    Here are some suggestions based on my diet I’m sure you’ll find helpful:
    1) subdivide your daily food intake into 5 small sittings, so you won’t get really hungry between meals and won’t have the temptation of eating snacks all day;
    2) whenever you crave a candy, eat fruits and veggies instead (I always keep some raw vegetables in the fridge, just to have something healthy to crunch when I feel like snacking!);
    3) at least 3-4 times a week eat “all-in-one-meals” like pasta with vegetables (zucchini, artichokes) or pasta with legumes (beans, peas, lentils), they are quite nourishing, so you’ll feel satiated as you would be after a three-course meal but with a lower intake of calories;
    4) prefer white meats to red meats, they are less fatty;
    5) eat lots of fish, especially blue fish like sardines, which is lower in calories;
    6) try to avoid junk food and precooked foods: home made meals help you better control what you’re eating and are much healthier than those ready-cooked you find in the stores!
    If you wish to take a look at my plan, here’s the website where I got it from:, it’s a personalized diet based on your weight, lifestyle and weight loss goal. It’s safe because it’s provided by a team of italian nutritionists from the SISA (Italian Association of Food Science), it’s really tailored to you and you get it by email, so it’s quite convenient! If you wanna try it out, just sign up, give information about your weight, your lifestyle, your food preferences and your weight loss goal and you’ll receive every day (ore every week, you can choose the option that best suits you) your personalized weight loss plan. Also, try to pair healthy eating with some regular work out: I go swimming twice a week, in my experience it’s a pretty good way both to burn calories and tone your body but I guess any sport is ok so far as you exercise regularly! Be constant and strong willed and you’ll get your goal!


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