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I’ve lost weight and need to gain some pounds, any sensible ideas?

I have moved to a new country and although my diet is good, over the past 4 months I have lost a lot of weight and I’m desperate to put some pounds back on. I’m think I must be the only female dreading to put a bikini on to go to the beach because I’m too thin. I’ve tried eating lots of pizza, pasta, Icecream and chocolate but can not gain any weight. Does anyone have any ideas???

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16 Responses to “I’ve lost weight and need to gain some pounds, any sensible ideas?”

  1. BabyGirl said :

    I think you should get checked maybe somethings wrong with you .. not to worry you but it doesnt make sence

  2. Michelle said :

    i pretty much hate you lol. YOU EAT ALL THAT AND DONT EVEN PUT ON WEIGHT!?!? wooowww…. yeah i would just suggest milkshakes and such. keep trying…

  3. couldbedoingsomethingelse said :

    Try smoking weed.

    It’ll make you sit around all day doing nothing and you’ll eat more.

    Another reason to Legalise It!


  4. Shawn M said :

    lots and lots of ice cream

  5. Tiff said :

    Love your body for itsself
    people would kill to be able to
    be thin and wear a bikini
    so be happy with yourself

  6. confused said :

    alot of protein and dare i say this….but b a lil lazii

  7. Lora R said :


  8. Shimmy D said :

    Protein shakes from GNC. Or Ensure. They are full of nutrients and calories.

  9. C.Lyn...x said :

    you probably have a really high metabolism eat as much as you can go to KFC, McDonald’s and don’t stop eating until you gain afue weight

  10. maca said :

    plenty of junk food

  11. london cowboy said :

    a suit of armer! ha. no seriously if your in teens or twenties you might have a very fast metabolism like i did so not much will help but try snacking allot in between meals like crisp & chocolate but eat healthy also so ya dont thretan your health : )

  12. Paris B said :

    hey don’t sweat don’t fret here’s some stuff that will put on weight: pizza rolls, hot pockets ,chips,pizza,chocolate,mushroom poppers,fries,burgers,sub,sausage,chicken nuggets,macaroni salad,and pasta salad that’s all the things that have a lot of salt and fat and saturated fat and trans fat

  13. J said :

    stear clear of junk food- it may do what you think -pile on the pounds, but in reality it, just like any other food, will only work if you eat too much of it.

    Go back to your calorie count, find out how much you are eating per day by doing the following: for one week, weigh and measure everything you eat and drink, from the milk in your tea, the amount of cereal in your bowl to subtracting the amount you throw in the bin.

    When you have dont this for a week, and found out how many calories you eat per day, you can work on adjusting to eat more, if you know you normally eat 1800kcals per day, you dont have to then worry your not eating enough when you do increase.

    Aim to increase what you eat by 25% minimum, do this every single day, it will feel odd at first, and its important for you to be still calorie counting when your doing this as its very easy for you to think “I have eaten enough” when actually you have undereaten as you have felt too full from the previous days eating. If you dont keep up the eating everyday, it wont work.

    The types of foods to eat that will help are carbohydrates: stuff like bread, cakes, pasta, rice, couscous, wheat, sugar, … this will all help as its easily converted into flesh which means fewer calories to convert it and thus more weight gain then calories used to convert it if it were something like protein or fat.

  14. M S said :

    If you have moved to a hot country it’s absolutely normal to lose weight.

    As long as you’re feeling healthy within yourself don’t worry & just be yourself!

  15. hana s said :

    Hi in order to lose weight a person needs to burn more calories than they put in.

    In order to gain weight you must put in more energy then you put out.

    How about lie in bed till 12noon. As soon as u get up drink a big coffee make it full milk, half a cup of milk and half water instead of mostly water. Eat a fried egg with bread, and also some salad, coz u still wana be healthy,

    Then be quite lazy. But do some exercises to stay healthy.

    When u go for a walk, buy yourself a milkshake and a chocolate bar so that any calories u burn will get put back on.

    At night time before u sleep have a big bowl of cereal, maybe Kellogg’s frosties or honeynut:)

  16. JoeyJoeJoe said :

    try weight gain tablets


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