Loosing weight- do’s and don’ts?

Hi. im 5’6. 130 lbs- give or take a couple lbs. My sister is about the same height maybe 5’5- she is like 120. well my whole life i have been shorter than my sister and weighed less- since i am 2 years younger, then i passed her in heighth a little while ago. i have a smallish frame- my legs are skinny. my sisters legs are more full… im pretty sure thats how you tell your bone structure..? i am mad because i she is skinnier than me!!! anyways, i want to loose 5 lbs. i would say i am a good weight- but i want to loose weight off my hips- muffin tops!!!. what are some good excersizes to loosing weight quickly, and what are eating tips to loosing weight? … oh and does it really not work to be anorexic? cuz i heard that you will just gain weight back on. im not planning on being anorexic- but people that are will loose like 10 lbs in a week. and i know that its not healthy but its quick.
i know what anorexia is. i know what it can do. i NEVER said i was going to do it. and it is a type of weight loss, you loose weight quickly. and it is a choice, lol its not like someone force a anorexic person to be anorexic. can you just answer the question instead of giving me a lecture on anorexia?

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  1. brittany_p said:

    To burn body fat, do at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday. Walking, jogging, running, cycling, etc. And make sure you keep your heart at your target heart rate. Eat healthy, too.

  2. frap said:

    do not-eat sugary foods

  3. huxley said:

    cut back on your carb intake. eat less or no bread, potatoes, pasta or rice.

    have a lok at high carb foods on the net and see where you might be eating too much of

    and have a look at low carb foods where you can eat more of.

    dont do anything too quickly

  4. Brittany said:

    Being anorexic is not a choice of wanting it or not, it is a serious illness that many people suffer from. Its not a fad diet or a way to lose a couple pounds. You should just try to lose weight by eating 3 healthy meals, and snacks of fruits or vegetables and exercise at least 3 times a week. If you still dont lose weight, well you are probably just at your healthy weight and losing would be unhealthy.

  5. abragig said:

    cardio exercise to burn fats, small but frequent feeding to give you enough energy on your daily routine.goodluck!

  6. lars12801 said:

    Dry your eyes, help is here, you didn’t mention if you have gym access so I’ll assume you don’t, you didn’t mention your diet so I’m assuming you have a bad diet and are uneducated about fixing the problem. Most people who can’t lose weight don’t know how to workout when to workout what to eat or when to eat, it’s simple and easy don’t make it hard on yourself. the first thing you don’t want to do is starve yourself, by not eating your body goes into starvation mode and hold all those calories you need an awsome nutritious meal plan not a starvation diet !!! and an awsome cardio program. Now you have 16 weeks until July.. so lets get crackin I’ll outline you a program below

    Cardio: you need to get your first cardio workout of the day in first thing in the morning before you eat anything! this is the best time to burn fat since all your carbohydrate stores will be depleted by morning since you fasted all night long, I don’t care if it is fast walking or running, jumping jacks whatever get on the move a minumum of 20 minutes before school..

    In the evening after school I want you to try a fullbody cardio circuit with 10 exercises for one minute each with just enogh rest to get set up for the next exercise do the circuit 3 or more times

    1. Jumping jacks
    2. push-ups (go to your knees if you have to, but complete the set for a minute)
    3. squat thrusts(stand w/feet shoulder width apart squat down so your thigh is parralel w/floor and extend both your arms directly out on the down phase.
    4. tricep dips off a bench or chair (this will tone your triceps up like no other)
    5. situps
    6. mountain climbers
    7. Kickbacks (get on your hands and knees and kick one of your legs back and up do 10 for each leg then switch for the full minute) this is a major butt workout for tight beach buns!!
    8 side leg raises (lay on your side support your head with your hand, legs straight lift your leg off the other leg 18-24 inches for 30 seconds then switch sides)
    9. jog in place or jumping jacks
    10. oblique crunches ( lie on your back w/feet close to you butt, hands interlocked behind your head rotate your right elbow toward your left knee you don’t have to touch it but try!

    Meal plan example for you:
    Breakfast: 1 cup high fiver cereal (total) w/skim milk & cut up strawberries, oj, water

    snack: apple and slim fast drink or any healthy meal replacement drink

    Lunch: half a turkey sandwich w/lite mayo or mustard,tomato,lettuce, 100% whole wheat bread and 100% fruit drink w/no sugar like the new V8 fruit drinks Vfusion

    Snack: Carrot stick, celery, organic yogurt, meal replacement drink

    Dinner: Grilled Chicken, fish, or lean beef if you must I suggest staying away from red meats for now.. 1/2 cup rice, 1/2 cup mixed vegetables, skim mile, water,and don’t forget that fruit for dessert!!

    Snack: maybe some frozen yogurt and a fruit

    You need to drink alot of water I looked up on http://www.bodybuilding.com the amount of water you should be conuming and it said for your weight at least 97.5 fl oz that’s 12 cups but you should probably consider drinking more, stay motivated and stay off that scale! don’t let that scale mess you up, female bodies flucuate water weight all the time the best weight to judge your weight loss is the way your clothes fit you, stick to this program mon-fri and rest on sat and sun and don’t be afraid to have a slice of pizza or a burger once a week you need at least one cheat meal per week or you’ll go nuts if you have any questions email me at [email protected] best of luck at the beach

  7. skeptical said:

    “oh and does it really not work to be anorexic”

    Young lady, anorexia is a serious mental illness that can KILL you! Don’t take it as a weight loss method!!!!!


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