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loosing weight??

I really need to loose wait, and quick!!! I need to loose the weight of my thighs,hips and stomach. but I really do not what my Chest to go flat. Does anyone know how i can loose weight quickly and get rid of the problem areas without me loosing my boobs

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2 Responses to “loosing weight??”

  1. D. said :

    You can’t spot reduce. Where you lose fat is detremined by genetics and for most women, that includes the boobies.

  2. busymonte said :

    Try looking into ‘The Ketogenic Diet’ it’s relatively easy (protein and fats mostly) and yields high results rapidly without sacrificing too much muscle. I’m on the diet now and I have lost almost 15lbs. in two weeks.

    As far as picking what fat you’d like to keep?? I’m sure if that’s going to happen ‘D.’ is right, it is all based on genetics, good luck!!


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