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I need a fast diet to lose weight, please provide solution?

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8 Responses to “I need a fast diet to lose weight, please provide solution?”

  1. Mr Tripod said :

    Eat some raw pork which has been out in the sun for a day…..get botulism and watch the pounds fall off!
    Failing that….cut out the fatty foods and get to the gym. it’s simple really…if you burn more calories than you consume you’ll lose weight.

  2. gorgeousvickygirl said :

    My neighbour went on the Cambridge diet? Basically you dont eat any food just protein shakes then after afew weeks start introducing a set meal each day and over a few weeks it increases the meal intakes each day….She lost 3st. am not too sure how long its for but im not keen on crash diets myself.Just try eating sensibly and cut out the sugary fatty foods?

  3. Julie C said :

    After trying every diet under the sun The Cambridge Diet worked for me. It’s a bit drastic and you have 3 or 4 shakes a day depending on your height. The first 4/5 days are tough and you do feel hungry but after that it’s a breeze and the hunger disappears. It cost between £33-£42 per week in the UK, depending on your counsellor. You lose a stone a month and you will keep the weight off if you follow their maintenance plan. Good luck in what you decide!

  4. sabu a said :

    your fasting won’t bring you anything .your problem may be related with your bowel i.e.constipation.find right medicine for you constipation.constipation mainly because of lack of magnesium in the body.try ‘EPSOM SALTS ‘ or ‘PURE ANDREWS SALTS ‘ containing magnesium sulfate.turmeric is a natural herb containing little bit magnesium compounds

  5. cheek_of_it_all said :

    You don’t diet, you exercise.

    You should consult your doctor before you diet as they will be able to best advise you on what your “Ideal” weight is and I’M betting that your within acceptable weight limit as well.

    If you exercise at a gym, you may find that you will need to increase your food intake, not diet because of elevated activity your extra intake is to balance your extra usage while you get fit.

  6. St L said :

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  7. xx mwah xx ;0) said :

    to be honest the best way is not to go on a diet as ive tried them all and diet pills and they dont work lol but just change your diet and go swimming 4-5 times a week for about an hour each time it tones your tummy and all your body up wonderful too ! i lost just over 2 1/2 stone since may its great and i eat loads too im just eating the right foods but instead of swimming try aqua arobics its great and really fun ! great question goodluck !

  8. Alex Warren said :

    Great article nice post


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