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I am 18 years old and a little over weight. How can a lose weight fast and in a healthy way?

I am some what active. I play soccer, but that doesn’t seem to help get rid of my stomach. One of my problems is that I eat when I am bored. What can i do to stop?

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9 Responses to “I am 18 years old and a little over weight. How can a lose weight fast and in a healthy way?”

  1. Matt said :

    first off say away from junk food
    have a clean diet and i suggest buying a jumprope
    they are great for getting rid of belly fat
    cheap and very effective
    use it 20-45minutes a day 5days a week
    good luck!

  2. Ivory <3 said :

    Try something like drinking tea when you’re bored. Or maybe cook something you like that is healthier, it will distract you and you’ll eat less.

  3. alpacaluvr69 said :

    The answer is fairly obvious. Eat when you’re hungry, don’t eat when you’re bored.

  4. Diet and Exercise said :

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  5. soccer_latina_baby14 said :

    I had that same problem . . . now i still kind of do it but i usually go run a mile or something. if you just sit around after you eat all that food its going to build up fat instead of turning into energy. Get out there and shoot some goals, do some running, something you like to do outdoors. I love to dance so ill burn off my calories that way. Youll find something no doubt but it just doesnt take saying your going to do it you have to get up and do it.


  6. justanotherrodeogirl said :

    i lost 15 lbs in one month taking the special k challenge i did it for two weeks took a week off then did it again you just need to stick to your guns on it its going to be hard and buy 100 cal snacks you like or enjoy as in cookies things like t hat

  7. Smith S said :

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  8. Karen said :

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  9. Ariel said :

    When you are feeling bored you need to keep yourself busy. Go for walks, read books, surf the net, just do something that will keep you from eating when you aren’t hungry.


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