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How to lose weight with a underactive thyroid?

I have an underactive thyroid and would really like to lose the weight that i’ve put on from it. I’m not awfuly overweight and I love to do physical activity. But its very hard for me to lose it because of my thyroid! it seems like whenever I lose some weight, I gain most of it back. any tips?
also, it seems working out helps more for me rather than cutting out food more (although I know I need to do both)

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2 Responses to “How to lose weight with a underactive thyroid?”

  1. fairytale dreams said :

    I have an underactive thyroid as well, yet I still lose weight at a normal rate. (2-4 lbs a week) I exercise and eat well, and it shows. Don’t let fatique get the better of you. You can do this, even if that means walking for only ten minutes a day. That’s sure a lot better than sitting around wishing you could exercise for an two hours. It’s great that you already love to be active!Keep a positive outlook on life and laugh often, this will give you energy and make you more positive towards losing weight. Remember, a sucessful diet has to be a lifestyle change. When you reach goal, don’t stop eating fruit and veggies and exercising.
    Losing weight with a sluggish thyroid is a challenge, but defintely far from impossible!

  2. Vance Cassin said :

    How did you make your site look this cool. Email me if you can and share your wisdom. Id be appreciative!


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