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How do I lose weight? Fast Food options?


I am entering the military in about 4-6 months. I need to lose about 25-30 pounds in that time. I plan to start running again, and maybe some muscle building like free weights and such. But I am a terrible eater. I love food, especially good food like italian and chinese. I was wondering what options I had in fast food and other resturaunts or even frozen dinners and such. I don’t have much time to cook, but I do occasionally, so if there is something healthy I can eat that I can cook too that would rock. I am 5 10 and weigh 195. So if anyone has any help, i’d love to know. I am aiming for officer training, that’s why I need the weight off before entering. I need to be down around 175ish.but I’d love room for fluctuations in weight. Thanks in advance!

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15 Responses to “How do I lose weight? Fast Food options?”

  1. shannon j said :

    dont eat at fast food places

  2. woodchuck1130 said :

    try atkins diet… and skip fast food

  3. technical difficulties said :

    you’re joking? how about eating correctly for a change.

  4. Ed D said :

    make sure you exersize at least 3 times a week, eat lot of veggies and fruits, and stay far away from fried foods/candy/sugar laden food/drinking.

  5. Kimo said :

    Eat what you enjoy just eat it in moderation and exercise

  6. memyselfandI said :

    for frozen foods, there are lean cuisines and other options that are made specifically for those watching their diet. Most fast food restaurants offer salads instead of fries, or as a meal. These can help too.

  7. nibsirb_01 said :

    why do you need to lose that much weight before going into the military????? trust me, youll loose plenty of weight in basic, im speaking from experience. but, your prolly not gonna lose any weight by eating fast food, thats just stoopid. cut back on the cokes and candy and crap and start work’n out. alot of cardio, situps, pushups, hell even stretching

  8. Molly P said :

    Don’t do fast food. Duhhhhhhhh!!!!

  9. Kalee W said :

    No to fast food if you are trying to lose weight.

    You can still eat food (healthy food), but try to limit your portions.
    And visit the gym.
    I’m not a big dieter so that’s all I know.

    And…no Atkins. High carb diets make zero sense.

  10. STRAY said :

    if you do fast foods eat their salads without the dressing

  11. Tickle Monster said :

    Skip the fast food! None of it is healthy, unless you are talking about Subway – and then, skip the mayo and Italian dressing, possibly the cheese. (Go for whole wheat bread, if they have it.) People think salads are healthy, but the toppings and the dressings are full of extra calories. Skip it unless you’re making salads yourself and can control what’s going in it.

    Italian food: skip the pasta – too many empty calories. Also watch the cream sauces – lots of calories in those, too.

    Chinese food: steamed vegetables are best, but be careful of fried foods and too much rice. Also watch the sauces – lots of extra calories in them, too. Always ask how foods are prepared and ask to have them steamed or broiled. Many Chinese dishes are prepared in LOADS of oil!

    For frozen foods, the Lean Cuisine entrees are all very good. They are low in calories and satisfying, too.

  12. yumm said :

    read tips on weight loss and dietary needs on this site

  13. micmac_9 said :

    I did my Army basic training in 95.

    I wouldn’t hit the weights at all. Instead do at LEAST 500 push-ups & 500 crunches a day and go running twice a day. Do pull-ups, sprints, and research “Boot camp exercises” like the ‘cross country skiier’, the clapper, raise the roof, swuats and stuff like that. Military training really isn’t based on weight training conditioning, but more on the cardio with a physicality to do push-ups situps and some instances pull ups. Once you are established in the military than you can start the muscle building training. Make a good circuit training work-out. Work-out outside to get used to it.

    Also, muscle building will not help you lose weight, but help you gain it.

    Drink a gallon of water a day. They preach this in the military as well.

    Just eat better. If you usually get the #4 supersized. Go for a yummy chicken salad, diet soda and a yogurt and fruit parfait.

    Good luck and thank-you for wanting to serve our country!

  14. Brx said :

    More protein, fruits, and vegetables and less carbs and sugars. However, you should have some good carbs as a source of fiber. So, instead of reaching for white flour pasta or bread, go with ones that have “whole grain” or “whole wheat” on the label. Try not to drink juices and sodas because they are packed with sugar, sugar turns into carbs, and stores as fat. Try supplementing all drinks with water, or sugar free teas, like green tea (which speeds up metabolism). Buy baby carrots and eat those as a snack throughout the day, and try to east 5 small meals daily, instead of a few big meals. In terms of fast food, all fast food is fattening, you are doing yourself a disservice by eating those foods since they are packed with so many calories, that even with exercise you will not lose much if you continue eating them. Since you’re pressed for time in terms of cooking, maybe you can try diet frozen foods like “lean cuisine” and “smart choice.” For breakfast you can buy yourself outmeal cereal packets to which you just add water and it’s automatically ready in 1 minute. For lunch, just buy whole grain bread, and make yourself a sandwich with either tuna or turkey since they’re low in fat and high in protein. Add lettuce, tomatoes, and any other vegetable you like to the sandwich, just skip the butter, ketchup, and mayo. One tablespoon of ketchup has one table spoon of sugar, so be careful of garnishes. You may be eating a healthy meal like a salad, but if you add some dressing, it could have 5 times more calories as the meal itself. In terms of fast food, you can try Mcdonald’s salads, but like I said, stay away from their dressings and garnishes. For dessert, you can put an apple in the microwave for about 5 mins, or until it’s soft…it turns into a baked apple/puree, and it tastes very good, and it won’t ruin your diet. You can also buy frozen seafood and just boil it for 10 mins or so, and add it to your salads, or you can add chicken breast to salads to make them more filling. Good luck, you can do it if you believe in yourself!

  15. D-a said :


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