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How do I lose weight fast open to any options!

I am a 20 year old female. I am 5’6″ at 300 lbs. I had my son 1 year ago and while pregnant was when i gained ALL my weight. before I got pregnant I weighed about 175 lbs and i looked great. I have pre eclampsia when i was pregnant. And gained about 100 lbs and have gained the rest after i had my son.

I am going to Las Vegas in january for my birthday and I want to look great!!! I want ton lose about 100-125 lbs. I am open to anything other than excersising. I had surgery on my ankle 3 years ago and am under doctors orders to do no working out!!

please help!!! I not only want to look great but i want to be able to put my son to bed upstairs without being out of breath! Thanks!

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