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How to lose weight when you have Polycystic Overies?

I have polycystic overies and am taking medication called metphormin. I have been told to stay on the GI diet. Do you have any tips in how to make myself feel full quickly and any other tips in trying to lose weight as I can’t seem to lose the weight as easily as a normal person who is overweight.

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One Response to “How to lose weight when you have Polycystic Overies?”

  1. Jaimee Harmony said :

    I have polycystic ovaries too and YES it is difficult to lose or at least maintain your desired weight. I tried to take some pills and even ventured with some ginseng and formulas from Japan and China but it didnt do that much. After that realization…I was left with no other choice but to regularly exercise so I wont gain weight.


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