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How to lose weight in this predictament?

okay…this is going to be long to explain…lol but im 22 years old, im 5’1 and weigh 196. I gained weight from birth control when I was 18, I gained 30 lbs in a year…im still on birth control. I used to weigh 140 in high school. well I have many problems…1. I have REALLY bad asthma that affects me during summer and winter…to the point I have a permanent wheeze. I take my flovent inhaler twice in the morning, twice at night, and a regular albuterol inhaler in between when needed. I also take allegra in the morning. I still have a small wheeze. 2. I’ve had scoliosis since I was young, maybe between 10 and 13 is when I was told…hard to do much because it hurts my back, I can’t keep moving my back up and down, it will have major pain for the rest of the day. 3. I have (not to sound creepy) big boobs, im a 44dd, most of my weight is in my boobs, arms and then stomach…still hard to do things. 4. I don’t have a job, since I live in RI…things aren’t going well with jobs, but my boyfriend works and gets paid by commission…5. I still live at home with my mother who has been mentally abusing me since I was 15, but that’s a different story…well she doesn’t food shop. ever. she used to last year, at least once every 4 months. I live with her and my stepfather along with my autistic brother and grandmother. my boyfriend doesn’t normally make enough to actually food shop, so we normally do take out/fast food…which also, by the way…when I do have something, is only once a day I eat. I hate it. we don’t have a car to drive, I only use my stepfathers on sundays and tuesdays…cuz then he works the whole rest of the week.

so what im trying to say is…its hard for me to work out, its hard for me to eat, its hard for me to get a job…

HOW DO I LOSE WEIGHT IN THIS TYPE OF PREDICTAMENT!? I’ve ran out of ideas…anyone that can help please give me the best advice that you can, no rude comments also please! <3

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2 Responses to “How to lose weight in this predictament?”

  1. Tara said :

    You could go to the store and buy a bunch of mac and cheese, and some canned veggies for less than you are paying for fast food, so that isn’t an excuse. Also you are not working a job, so you have plenty of time to fit in 30 minutes a day 4 times a week. I took a birth control before that caused me to gain weight, but I eventually switched to a different kind, and with a balanced diet and exercise I was able to shed 22 lbs. Honestly by your description you don’t really have an excuse to be overweight, and to not be able to workout. Everybody out there has things that they struggle with daily.
    Example: I have scoliosis, I have back and knee injuries from military service, I am currently unemployed due to my injuries, my boyfriend lives in Japan still serving in the military so that is alot of stress. I get sick from alot of foods for some reason. I like alot of foods, but every time I eat them I get sick. I am 5’5 and weight 117 lbs. What I am saying is that everybody has things in life that make weight loss difficult, but not impossible. It isn’t easy or comfortable to try and lose weight, it is difficult, but if you really wanted to do it you would.

  2. barkbarkwoofpantpant said :

    If I changed one thing food-wise, I would choose anything at all with fiber. and dump vinegar on everything you can (apple cider vinegar is best, and worth getting used to), and use only stevia to sweeten things.

    If I exercised, I’d keep it moderate and enjoyable and gentle. That is tricky, as I have spinal problems too, severe ones. I use an inversion machine, among other things.

    If you find a used copy of Sugars that Heal, or Miracle Sugars, and eat all eight, your allergies will turn around. And if you go on Raw Adrenal, and Raw Cortical, eventually replacing your fake steroid meds for these ‘real’ ones, your adrenals will begin producing their own substances again with the help of the above sugars that heal: glycomutrients.

    Eat an inch of the inner gel of a real aloe leaf evrey day and pray, it is sO worth ‘admitting to

    If I visit Borders or Barnes and Noble, I would seek out the book “The Answer” the first 30 pages will
    knock your socks off, and if you have to read it there without buying it, I think in this case,
    the authers would be thrilled you sought them will pay them when you can.

    Get some solitude, but do something sweet every day for your stressed family
    and that will wake up their cheer and revive hope.

    Don’t worry about shopping..if you need a food bank go for it, I had to do that for two eight-month stretches, no pride. Beans are a weight loss food if they have them, and apples are very much a weight loss food. Make the change to whole grains, 100%. You will find out in the Sugars that Heal Book.

    If I wanted to make money, I would start one at where it’s free, and hook
    it up
    with Adsense, because that is free..voila, budding pennies.

    And when you have enough pennies, buy HCG and go on the best diet of the century.

    Where to learn about it? Go and join for free at HCG Dieters Yahoo Group, and download the diet for free that’s called “Dr. Simeons HCG Weight Loss Protocol”.

    Now, study that for free for a few months and ask any questions through posts, and prepared for
    the way out of your painted-in corner!

    You took this step, and that shows you the power of a small step, because this info now came your way.

    Stay connected to the HCG Group just for enjoyment for now,
    and be prepared to be stunned at how this diet treatment works..there is nothing else
    on earth like it.

    I am on it, and I think your issues are much like mine, only my son is the Autistic one, and that
    can be really draining, so..

    Make sure you have a quiet ‘refuge’ place to go regularly where you can seek peace, because
    much weight gain comes from cortisol due to stress.


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