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How to lose weight fast in a week or two??!?!!?

omg its so hard not to eat but im trying to slow my meals down and not eat as bad and as much. i exercise almost every day doing sports and everything but is there anything i can do? I really want to lose about 8 pounds but its so hard because when im hungry my stomach takes over my mind and i usually dont stop it and i eat 😀 but i dont want to… so is there any tips or anything ? tyyy

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5 Responses to “How to lose weight fast in a week or two??!?!!?”

  1. Boneaparte said :

    Wear and elastic band on your wrist, every time you feel hungry snap it. Your mind will associate snacking with hunger quite quickly. The healthier option would be to have a minute snack when you feel hungry. If you feel hungry within an hour, ping the elastic band.

  2. XoxBabii GirlXox said :

    I am going to try this starting today! I am going to be eating 1 salad a day and drinking lots of water. Everyone that I have ask here where I live has told me that you can lose15 lbs. in a week so I thought why not give it a try and see<3 Email me if you have any questions!

  3. Kevin G said :

    When you feel hungry, you probably are hungry. Don’t starve yourself, because you’ll become weak. Eat good snacks/meals, and not junk food. Fruits and veggies are good snacks.

  4. John said :

    Drink a lot of water. When you get that craving drink down some water and that will fill up your stomach for the time being. When you eat don’t eat until you are full, that is what is hard for me but it works, then drink water and you will be fine. Eat small meals around 6 times a day. Good luck

  5. person123 said :

    just know that you CAN eat. just dont eat a lot of anything. salads are rly good, water ofcourse, its like no calories. people drink over like 500 calories a day, water is 0 calories, so thats already like, 500 calories out of your system, which adds up quickly, ya know…lol
    the rubber band thing works, but for lunch if ur still in like school, i thinhk ur…just pack your own lunch. you should try peaches, they r rly sweet but still rly good. fruit is rly good for you to, and dont feel guilty if you eat a donut, or a bagel, or stuff, as long as you dont overdo it. excercising is great too


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