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How can I lose as much weight fast?? like in a week??

Hi. Im 20 years old and my bf and my mom keep saying Im gaining weight. Im so scared to look at food anymore and when I eat something I regret it so much afterwards. I just started at a gym but how can I lose weight fast before I go insane? I looked online and everyone says you can lose like a pound or two a week! all the work all week for 2 pounds! help!

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5 Responses to “How can I lose as much weight fast?? like in a week??”

  1. sam s said :

    well after 5 weeks, you’ll lose 10 pounds! that’s a lot.

  2. 91NaTaLiE said :

    Simply exericise and eat healthy and eat smaller portions of luxury food, i went to the gym for ages and still didnt lose alot of weight but just stick to it and u will notice the difference in two weeks! fresher skin, more toned, more healtheir and more confident, dont prove them wrong, prove yourself right 😀 gud luck

  3. healthyes said :

    You can lose up to 9lbs every 11 days with the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet. It is a very easy diet to follow, it’s healthy, and it is cheap.

    I know quite a few people who have lost weight on this diet and kept it off.

  4. morninggirl said :

    well i used to ask my mom the same things and she has a great body she told me that i should work out for at least an hour before i shower in the morning and not to eat anthing after about 6 thirty and it helped hopefully it helps you to=) just be sure to drink plenty of water

  5. C.J. said :

    Hi there! OK, so I just got married and had to lose weight FAST! Well, I WANTED to lose weight fast. hehe But I also wanted to do it safely. I went on a protein shake diet. It worked wonders! I seriously lost a LB a day! The shake I used was called “Gold medal Whey”. I also ate all the fruit and vegis I wanted. The yummy ones are cucumber, carrots, nectarines apples, ect. Crunchy ones are good cause they make you feel like you really ate something substantial. The good news is its summer and fruit and veggis are abundant. They taste great (once you get used to it lol) and you will NOT feel hungry. The Whey cost about $50 for a huge container and can be purchased just about anywhere and it tastes very good. I would recommend going to a gym to buy it though. I still use it to replace meals. Also, take advantage of the summer and go swimming. It firms and tones all at once and its alot of fun while you do it. Good Luck!


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