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How to lose weight fast! In a safe way to do it.?

Ok this is really really embarssing. I’m 4 ft 10 in and I weight 121 pounds. I’m a 6th grader. I want a safe and quick way to lose weight before school starts in 21 days. Please help me!!
I can like not drink soda. I hate sweet things. But it’s when I have to exicersice i just wanna sit there and eat.

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12 Responses to “How to lose weight fast! In a safe way to do it.?”

  1. concertgirl2006 said :

    Okay, well I’m going to be an 8th grader and all I can say is diet and exercise. You should get up early in the morning and go running in the park. Eat healthy, means no junk food sadly, maybe one bag a day if your used to junk foods and slowly decrease. Eat celery, its proven to burn calories! Be sure to actually eat, Being anorexic is dangerous! You can die from it. So just exercise andwatch what you eatis whatIsay.

  2. desi said :

    the ONLY way is eat write and excersize.

    eat more veggies and fruits and stay away from the pizza, mcdonalds, candy and icecream, soda!! (drink WATER!!!)basicly junk food.

    excersize a few days a week. (try at night because this way you burn the calories you have eat that day)
    try running or jogging and some crunches and squats, some push ups. and just push your self to do as much as you can everytime you work out…this way you can do more the next time.
    drink alot of water while your working out.
    you can search the web for easy excersize’s that you can do in your room.(other then the ones i gave you)

    i hope i have helped.
    i know you want to look good for scool. (so do i) but dont obbses over it!!
    just set a goal like 115. then once you have got there go to like 110 but dont go any lower then like 105. for your height and age worrying about your weight to much can lead to disorders like bolemia and anerexia….so please be very careful!!!


  3. johnqcurls said :

    Count the calories you eat each day by looking at the packaging of the food you eat. Try to avoid foods high in fat. Jog or bike for thirty minutes a day with enough effort to increase your heart rate. You can check this by placing two fingers lightly on your neck under your jaw and to the side of your windpipe. You should be able to feel your heart beat there. You should aim for an increased heart rate that you can maintain for thirty minutes. Do not overdo it. Drink plenty of water when exercising. Mostly, don’t worry too much about your weight. You probably still have growing to do, and as long as you stay active, you can stay healthy without being creepily skinny. Different people have different body types. If you are worried about your weight, tell your doctor and ask what they think you should do, if anything at all. If you still want to lose weight and your doctor agrees that it is healthy, go about it in a healthy way and don’t expect lightning fast results. Losing more than a couple pounds a week can be unhealthy and potentially dangerous. Stay optimistic about yourself and your body. If you can find a friend to exercise with, it will be much more enjoyable and easier to stick with it. Good luck with school.

  4. vicky volitorial™ said :

    I’m going into seventh grade, and I somehow just lost four pounds in a week. that’s good for me. xD

    but what i did, is at church camp i went on some long walks, played some games that involved running, and now I’m in my room randomly dancing. it helps me lose weight,and it’s fun.
    try that.

    Also, eat six small meals a day instead of three normal sized ones. It will make you feel less hungry. Sip water all day, and that will also make you less hungry I Think. Count to thirty when you chew, since it takes your body about twenty minutes to realize that you’re full. And lay off the junk food a little.

  5. Daisy J said :

    trust me thee worst thing you can do to your self is starve your self then eat it slows down your cells that burn fat. my advice is to measure your food like your cereal only give about a cup instead of an estimated guess also don’t eat till your full eat till your not hungry any more. i was in the fifth grade and i was 5,0 and weighed 190 pounds then in one month i only ate till i was not hungry and found ate i ate only a 6th of what i normally ate and i lost 30 pounds in one month. and don’t exercise. go out with your friends and play basket ball or walk around the mall you work really hard that way.

  6. warning said :

    First thing Drink water like 8 glass a day. It will speed up your metabolism and burn calories faster.

    Second, exercise at least 30 mins. No you don’t have to do crunchs and sit ups. Go for walks, or bike rides. Heck if you like video games play some DDR. Or if those feel to “exercisy” than turn on some music in your room and DANCE!!!

    third, stop snacking if your bored, that how i gain my weight snacking just to do something.

  7. nds alot O' hlp said :

    fill in wat u do in the day and everything and it will tell you how many calories u have coming in, going out, and wat u could do to get rid of them and how many u will get rid of when you do that certain (like typin)


  8. Lauren (: said :

    follow this until your happy …

    -get up in the morning and run on the treadmill,until you burn 500 calories (if you dont have a treadmill, run or jog around your block, or take a really long walk) REMEMBER TO KEEP HYDRATED !
    -once your done have a fruit salad (ex : apples,bananas,mangos,any fruit you like, atleast 3 different fruits) and a glass of water .
    -relax until its lunch time .
    -when its time for lunch, on whole wheat bread, have a ham turkey, or whatever meat you like sandwich , with water, or v8
    -then do sit-ups, sets of 5 (atleast do 40 a day)
    -as a snack,have carrots, or celery, without dressing !
    -then later in the day .. run on the treadmill,until you burn 500 calories (if you dont have a treadmill, run or jog around your block, or take a really long walk) REMEMBER TO KEEP HYDRATED !
    -and for dinner have chicken made in a pan or on the grill, vegetables,fruit,and a piece of whole wheat bread with no butter,and water or v8

    switch up the meat,fruit,and vegetables if you want .
    and as a treat buy some weight watchers ice cream bars .
    also for lunch, have a weight watchers meal, they work too !
    or have some plain pasta for dinner .
    if you want consist your diet of weight watchers .
    no candy,chocolate,anything high in sugars/calories .
    NO SODA ! and try to take in only 1500 calories a day !
    hope i helped (:

  9. meghan said :

    what you need is motivation.
    i know this sounds lame but just keep imagining the type of body you want. and try to achieve it. do not force yourself to eat when you are full. just eat till you are satisfied. and JUST SAY NO to anything unhealthy or fattening. its quite simple really, just dont eat it, do not be tempted. and trust me on this. i didnt say no to an unhealthy food, and when i was done eating it i REALLY REALLY regret it. so thats it just say no. and when you say no you’ll feel so proud of yourself.
    but youre way too young to be worrying about weight. you’re still growing. but do what ever you want, its your choice.
    hope i helped.
    good luck 🙂

  10. Lizzy B said :

    i am going into eighth grade and i had the same problem. i was a bit over weight , and had self asteam problems. hang in there kid. I found myself eating when i was bored and stressed. just think about what you eat. dont go sarving yourself! just cut your meals down. instead of eating chips inbetween meals grab an apple or pear. dont resort to junk food. exercise is good to. just kind a sport that you are comfortable in and just practice. in a week you will start noticing difference when you step on the scale. the most inportant rule i can give you is DONT EAT WHEN YOUR BORED. AND STOP EATING WHEN YOUR FULL NOT WHEN THE PLATE IS GONE. (be a conscience eater. when you are eating think if your stomach is full)

    this worked for me, i lost 20 poinds quick.
    hope it works for you too!

  11. ave said :

    A healthy way to lose weight is to drink a lot of water, not only to burn calories,but to also hydrate and start eating fruits and vegetables. Also don’t forget to keep yourself active like: playing basketball, dancing, or just running! Good luck!

  12. Jimmy said :

    I know, Dr. Swift at REALLY helped me a lot through this. He has a free guide there.


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