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How can I lose weight safe and fast like before January?

I want to lose weight fast but I don’t know how cuz I don’t like to eat vegetables cuz I don’t like them and workouts are alright but I want something that it won’t make me feel kind of hungry.

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9 Responses to “How can I lose weight safe and fast like before January?”

  1. Sara said :

    well it depends on how much weight you want to lose. If you want to lose 5 lbs it’s possible just by dieting…if it’s more its really not possible by jan.

  2. Alicia S said :

    Cut out all junk and eat lots of fruit and veg. Also drink loads of water and exercise 3-4 times a week for 30 or 40 mins..Good luck!:)

  3. Katy said :

    I have heard green tea works really well to lose weight quick. But just ask your doc first.

  4. mshazeleyes2003 said :

    Cut out all sodas and stop eating anything white.

  5. Meredith P said :

    Diet and exercise. Cardio burns more fat weight and weights put on muscle weight.

    For a diet (I know it sounds awful, but this is what fitness competitors eat), try oatmeal for breakfast, a meal replacement drink or bar for lunch, baked/roasted chicken and brown rice for dinner, with veggie snacks. Trust me, it works!

  6. _peaches_ said :

    eat healthy. cut back on the sugar and the junk. check information of any processed food. if it has any sort of sat fat or trans fat or monosaturated fat, even if its .2 grams…. its no good. so dont touch those

    and take a fun exercising class. like rock climbing. or dancing. something that gets your heart going and makes you lose weight at the same time. check with your gym. every gym has those sort of programs. and if you pay for it, it will make you go more as to not have wasted the money.

    hope it helped.

  7. Dolores V said :

    Eat foods that contain a good source of fiber.
    Try to walk at least one mile a day.
    If you have stairs, walk up and down them several times a day.
    Dancing helps you lose weight.
    Put on some music while you clean the house.
    Make sure to weigh yourself every morning.
    Stay away from soda, chips, sweets, junk food.
    Drink mineral water.
    Avoid fast food restaurants.
    Home cooked meals are the best.

  8. thurmanbosgood said :

    it isnt possible to have both. safely means a regimen that includes a diet high in fiber and vitamins. also you need to exercise for at least 3/4 of an hour daily. afternoons are best. no snacks. plenty of liquids. but first talk to a doctor and make sure that it is safe to diet. a pound a week is good progress and sensible.

  9. Posey said :

    Like stop eating and like start exercising cuz that will like help you lose weight.


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