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how can i lose weight fast and safe?

i do lots of exercise but my weight does not go down. i want to lose 20 pounds. i want to lose from the4 belly, hips, and thighs . plz help fast. P.S. i do not want to take any medicine.

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4 Responses to “how can i lose weight fast and safe?”

  1. Samir Ariff said :

    I would suggest you to walk as long as you can, it is a very good exercise for your entire body, & do the exercise that you’re into.

  2. Jeff said :

    Full body exercise and a sound diet is the best answer. I’ve recently started Shaun T’s workout DVD’s and I’ve lost over 15 lbs in three weeks. Basically, you do intense workouts and stick to a good diet, and you’ll lose the weight in no time. If your interested, you can go to:

  3. Qixi Bing said :

    Don’t overdo it. If you change something in your lifestyle, you’re probably going to see results – but there’s a law of diminishing returns at play. You can exercise for an extra hour a day for a week and still lose the same amount as you had when you were only exercising half as much. Give your body time to adjust – don’t push yourself too hard or you’re just going to spend your energy on something that’s not necessarily going to give you immediate and direct benefit. This, of course, only applies to those of you wanting to lose fat – not for those who are training for a triathlon.

  4. Anna S. said :

    Hi Manraj johal,

    You know lose weight fast are not always the answer for healthy living. Weight loss involves a lot of hard work and determination. Here is an article I found that should help you on your way to lose weight fast.

    1. Get your attitude in check. A positive outlook is a great start to shedding the amount of weight you want to lose. Keep this in mind throughout the process.

    2. Look into gyms in the area if you haven’t already and select one that looks like a place you’d like to work out. Most gyms offer a free trial membership so you can see if that gym is the place for you.

    3. Begin a regiment of intense cardie at least twice a week for at least 45 minutes as well as a weight training program three times a week. This is a very important step as exercise is the key to weight loss.

    4. Research different diet options. There are a variety of options online as well as in magazines and commercials. The Special K Challenge is a popular diet option, as well as the Atkins program.

    5. Select a diet based on your needs and specifications. It’s important to pick a diet you are sure you can live with, because if you hate the diet it will be all to easy to quit. Programs like Jenny Craig are relatively stringent in their requirements. Some programs are also expensive and require you to buy specialized foods. The South Beach diet program is a relatively inexpensive program that is very popular.

    6. Stick with your diet and workout regiment. It takes time for weight loss to become visible and apparent.

    Hope this help,
    Good luck! 🙂


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