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how to lose the most weight quickly?

alright heres some info:
i’m 5’5″
i weigh 115lbs
i WANT to weigh 100lbs before bikini season
i know im not FAT but i want to be very thin. right now, i just do around 200 crunches a night, and i have a hip-hop class every thursday for 1 hour. i do watch what i eat, i try to make it under 1500calories a day. i NEED to loose weight b4 this summer, what is the fastest way to do that?
note – i can’t go to the gym

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4 Responses to “how to lose the most weight quickly?”

  1. Lost said :

    No gym needed to take a jog or a run everyday -just a sidewalk! Doing cardio at least 3 times a week for 30-45 minutes will provide results. Just don’t cute your calories too low so you’ll have the energy to exercise! Good luck!

  2. Julian M said :

    Hey! I used to weigh 198 lbs and my height is only 5’8″ – for my height and with that kind of weight I’m really obese! I tried the “Master cleanse” and other diet recipes, and I even watched Richard Simmons videos but they didn’t helped me at all!

    I tried going to a gym with a strict diet once and within a week later, I stopped going to gym and started eating more than before. It brought me back to where I started again. I am sure you happen to experience it like me.

    The strange thing is.. I tried having low fat diet, eating low carbs, starve at times, follow diet programs and so on but it just didn’t help!

    Then one day, an old friend of mine who used to be obese saw me. She teased at me at first and I felt embarassed about it and she told me her secret on how she lost her weight. She gave me a book entitled “Strip That Fat” – within a month I lost 18.3 lbs!

    I seriously recommend and urge you to learn more about this since it has helped me a lot – it demystifies false beliefs like low fat diet, eating low carbs and such help you!

    Learn the real truth:

  3. LovelySexyLee is back said :

    Im a former bulimic (ya i know) but im recovered now and very healthy

    Here’s sum simple tips besides the obvious of pills, exercises and eating healthy

    I used to eat from paper plates/napkins to absorbs any extra oils or fats

    take a multivitamin, to make sure you ain’t missing out on Essential nutrients

    eat plenty of chili as it increases your metabolism

    Give yourself treats as rewards eg a facial

    water before meals to fill you

    drink iced water as ur body uses Cal’s to warm it up

    eating celery burns more cals, dan whats in d actual celery stick

    Eat small portions regulary

    Eat from a small plate, wit a small spoon, and put in down between mouthfuls, and not in front of the tv, tricks your mind you’ve eaten loads

    Good Luck and remember be healthy!

  4. Madyson J said :

    this looks pretty interesting


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