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how to lose some fat at the chicken wing using dumbbell and what is the proper weight of the dumbbell?

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2 Responses to “how to lose some fat at the chicken wing using dumbbell and what is the proper weight of the dumbbell?”

  1. Amazingwoo said :

    Chicken wings – lol! In the UK we call them “Bingo Wings”!!

    Ok, grab a dumbell. Start off low, say 4kg. Stand upright but for me I find it helps if I bend from the waist at a slight angle. Keep the arm in a straight line – then move in a slow controlled move (only from the elbow) up to the bust. Move back to start position and repeat so you do 15 in total. Do the other arm. If you are right handed, do your left hand first – if you can only lift 13 with your left, lift 13 with your right to keep the muscles balanced.

    You then grab another weight – say 5kg, and repeat the exercise twice more. The weight should be getting more difficult to move on about the 13th lift, and by the time you’ve done the 15th, you should be struggling but still ‘keeping form’.

    Another way. Stand up. Hold weight, raise arm above head, bend and extend the arm upwards. Sometimes you’ll need to support the working arm a little.

    You can also use the Lat Pull Down machine. Not only will this banish the Wings, it also helps the muscles (which I’ve not idea what it’s called), but you know guys who have that broad-shoulder-tapering-to-neat-waist look? Well, obviously you won’t be as muscular so don’t worry, but it’ll give you that look….in time!

    I’ve just realised how hard it is to describe the dumbells so I hope it makes sense. If not, speak to a gym instructor and they’ll hapilly show you.

  2. dwnjhl said :

    Start small… 2-3 lbs. in the beginning… Some personal trainers will actually start you out with a soup can! You have to work your way up to the heavy weights, you don’t want to strain the muscles to badly… When the challenge seems to go away, go up a pound or two in weight size!!!


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