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How to lose inner thigh fat and thigh muscle bulk for a guy?

I’m 15 and on my school’s soccer team. My thighs have always been a problem since I lost my chubbyness as a kid, but now they look so disproportional compared to my leaner upper body. I joined the team to lose some fat, but now there bulky with muscle with a small layer of fat on my thighs, especially on the inner thigh. What can i do? And also looking to lose some bum fat. I don’t want to get any weaker, I just want toned proportional legs without massive muscle on them.

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One Response to “How to lose inner thigh fat and thigh muscle bulk for a guy?”

  1. twinkletoes said :

    Hi there, I would class myself as having the same problem. some people refer to me as being pear shaped and others would say hourglass. I believe i am more pear shaped, the best form of exercise you can do is running. drink plenty of water throughout the day, and start a running regime, it is honestly the best way to help with this very common problem area! squats also help with bum but overall weight loss and toning for legs and hips is running. xx


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