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What is the healthiest way to lose leg muscle?

I have been working out for a while and I have watched out about gaining to much muscle especially on my thighs. But due to a temporary extracurricular activity I was in I gained a lot more muscle than desired. I still want to remain fit, but should I stop working out my lower body and focus more on my upper body? But I still want to keep my firm glutts; although, I want to lose the excess muscle I gained on my legs more. What would you recommend? Thank you…..

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2 Responses to “What is the healthiest way to lose leg muscle?”

  1. Claudia said :

    well if you want to maintain a good body, for me i want to maintain mines to, so i do regular working out, i hula hoop for 1 hour, 13 push ups, 13 curl ups,13 crunches, i eat healthy foods,so i would do those things above,and if u dont want muscular legs or anything do yoga, just lift your legs about 5 inches about and leave it there for about 3 minutes, it will give you strong legs, but it wont show the muscle.

  2. Brian S said :

    Its actually pretty simple – the less a muscle is used, the smaller it will get. You see this in paraplegics – their leg muscles get no use so they shrink.

    I’m not saying to stop moving, but I’d suggest not doing any lower body exercises that involved any significant amount of weight. Longer cardio sessions are probably safe, but nothing else if you truly want the muscle to shrink.


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