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How to lose fat in certain places?

I want to lose fat in my stomach. How quick can I do it? (and how?)
Also in my upper inner legs. How do I get rid of that?

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2 Responses to “How to lose fat in certain places?”

  1. Cream said :

    There’s no easy way out unless you wanna spend. Try mesotheraphy. It works! Its an injection that burns away the fats in the areas you want. But its quite costly. If you cant afford it then I would just advice cadiovascular exercises to burn the fat and 100 sit ups a day to work the abs. Strecthing also helps so you can do that for your linner thigh….lots of streching. I would suggest cycling one hour everyday. There’s also a kind of machine that burns a way fats in the areas you want. I dont think its that costly, quite affordable and you can find it at ‘osims’. It’s called the ‘i-tango’. You can use it for any areas of your body. It works the muscles for you and at the same the get rid of the fats without you having to excercise…how ever you would have to control your diet a little. Well thanks all I can think of…I really hope it helps!! Good luck!

  2. Happypichick1 said :

    do some simple exercises a day like 5mins jumping and 15mins bending, eat lesser than your regular diet, dont eat greasy foods, drink only water and fruit juice. eat a portion of vegetable at one meal do this in 5days long while doing this wear a fat loss patch 24 hours, stick it on your belly and upper legs ithas an igredients that absorbed directly through the skin, stimulating your body’s natural metabolism and helps avoid storing calories as fat. you can use this while doing ur exercise, bathing, sleeping or working. try this and see the result in 3 or 5weeks.


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