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How to loose weight WITHOUT the gym?

I tried a gym for the first time a few months ago but had to quit because it was too much money. I still don’t have any money to go to a gym. I really want to loose weight and gain some muscle but I don’t know how without the gym.I also have asthma and I tend to get breathless really quickly.How can I exercise without killing myself? What are some things I could do to loose weight and gain muscle?Should I exercise everyday? I would like to know how to work my arms out too without a gym. Since I’m loosing weight I want to make sure I don’t become flabby.

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3 Responses to “How to loose weight WITHOUT the gym?”

  1. Margarita R said :

    Get your fatass up and run!!! and it’s lose.. loose means when a girl had too much sex..

  2. corey said :

    eat healthy and live an active lifestyle

  3. Smokies Hiker said :

    Walking ( brisk ) and bicycling are two less strenuous forms of exercise that won’t cost much but your time. The results will take longer to achieve muscles in your legs and thighs only. These are considered “low impact” exercises. The weight loss is achieved by eating fewer calories than you burn off. Simple as that! The less impact exercises you do, the fewer calories you’ll burn off. Just giving up 500 calories each day, ( one 12 oz. can of regular soda ), will yield the loss of 1 pound per week. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Eat less fats and carbohydrates. Walk whenever you can during routine daily activities such as school or shopping. Walk to nearby stores instead of hopping in the vehicle for an errand. Ride your bicycle at least 6 miles or more. At 10 mph average, that will take about an hour. The arms will come slower. Use milk jugs filled half way up with water as weights. Start out doing some lifts with the milk jugs in front of you lifting straight up, and then with your arms to the sides and see if you can keep your arms straight when lifting out at your sides. Just place the jugs near your feet, reach down pick up the jugs and straighten up, then lift the jugs up to your chest for the front lift, and from your side, try just lifting the jugs straight out and up to shoulder height. Do five lifts to start and increase the reputations after a few days, and then you can increase the weight if you desire. If you sit in a chair while doing these exercises, you’ll take your leg muscles out of the equation. Also doing “push ups” will help. Hope this will help you get started. Good luck!


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