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how can i loose weight quickly without loose skin?

Want to loose a lot of weight quickly but don’t want extra loose skin.

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3 Responses to “how can i loose weight quickly without loose skin?”

  1. Kaitlen said:

    Do lots of Cardio (running etc.) and toning exercises to help keep everything tight. But if you lose weight quickly and depending on how much there will be extra loose skin. sorry.

  2. ************ said:

    Depends on how quickly you are talking. Tae Bo worked really good for me but it took 2 months to really see the effects. There are clinics located in different states where you go and exercise and drink some type of vitamin drink and lose between 3 and 5 pounds within a couple of hours.

  3. Mark Macey --Losinbig said:

    No loose skin here! Lost 31 in 30 days then 70 in 60 days then 94 in 90 days and soon 100!!!!! I feel awesome and so much energy! But more importantly I don’t have the loose skin thing IT’s GREAT Look at the link let me know what you think

    Mark Macey
    [email protected]


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