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How do I loose weight quickly without machinery?

I want to loose a few loose pounds. I already exercise and have a balanced diet. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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9 Responses to “How do I loose weight quickly without machinery?”

  1. Euthanasia Bait said :

    The solution is clear. Crystal clear.

  2. schultajaet said :

    try Scivation Dialene 4

  3. kenzduke96 said :

    goin a gym and you can even have private exersize with a proffesional!

    Good Luck and God Bless! 🙂

  4. Meadow Soprano said :

    Try some green tea as well. There is also some stuff you can get, usually in the health food section of the grocery store, it is called “super dieter’s tea”. It is completely natural and it helps flush out your system and drop any extra water you may be holding onto!

  5. Matthew H said :

    You could try one of those cleansing diets where you take natural suppliments like fish oil and a whole bunch of herbs that are supposed to rid your body of toxins and clean out your colon. I know a few people that lost 30 or more pounds doing this, and its all natural, also fasting for a day would give you a headache and make you cranky but you’d probably loose a couple pounds…but I would never do it for more than a day at a time.

  6. Calvin C said :

    control diet and do some yoga exercise apply with slimming cream or gel, this is d way i lose weight…

  7. Peaches said :

    the best way to lose weight is too do exercise (which u already do) but make sure it’s something that u like or u’ll become bored easily =].
    u cud try walking to skool instead of going in the car/bus (if u don’t already do that), take the stairs instead of the elevators.
    what ever u do DO NOT CRASH DIET! that is definitely NOT the solution =]
    remember to give it time & u’ll soon b in shape.

  8. onelanrpwv said :

    It’s simple! Eat a lot less food, wrap yourself in plastic wrappers and skip for a couple of hours. repeat daily. It works.

  9. freshstartblue said :

    modify what you do… If you are walking everyday then change it up add weights. If your doing weights then go walking, bike riding something different from what you are doing now give your body different motivation. At this time Your body is at a comfortable level. Drop something small from what you eat. (or drink). You will find that you are kick starting you body.. Remember muscle weights more than fat.

    Good luck.


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