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What’s the best way to loose weight fast without overdoing it??

I need a fast way to loose weight within 4 months. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

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5 Responses to “What’s the best way to loose weight fast without overdoing it??”

  1. XxON3LOV3xX said :

    Start with a liquid diet for a week, exercise ALOT, watch what you eat. Eliminate all trans-fats, excess saturated fats and get plenty of protein and DON’T load up on “BAD” carbs. Going for a walk (aerobic) or run, weight lifting (cardio) and changing up with different activities in both these catagories should keep it fun and interesting. Watch portion size, eat right, exercise and watch your body become fabulous.

  2. ♥Yasmine♥ said :

    did you try diet but it didn’t work?!
    -you can try a good diet
    -you can reduse the amount of food that you eat around the day
    -you can divide your meals into five small meals
    ( you can have one small meal every 3 hours)
    -no food after 7:00 p.m, or it depends, I mean you sould stop eating two or three hours before sleeping (this is a great way!)
    -actually, I can tell you honestly that the most important way of losing weight is to practise some sports,
    you can even go walking for half an hour every day and this will be a very very very very very successful way to lose any extra weight…

    YOu know something?!.. I want to lose my extra weight too, but i don’t have the strong willing to have a diet or something!!
    he he he

    god bless you and don’t forget to tell me the resullts!!
    I’ll be very happy .. 🙂

  3. Johnny B said :

    Okay. Cut out eating in between meals.
    Only eat healthy food and cut down on Carb’s like bread, potatoes, pasta’s, rice, cereals, lollies, fruits etc. These are the fat making foods. Learn exactly what your food groups are so you then know what puts the weight on and off.
    Don’t add salt to your meals. Cut out soft drinks.
    Then walk an hour every morning two hours after a meal and the same in the afternoon.

    If you can jog in between both sessions you’ll burn even more calories. But just do what your body lets you do. Walking is just as good combined with diet control.
    You should lose and continue to lose more weight as you go.
    If you can cut out your lunch meal and replace it with a protein drink instead that would also help. Available in supermarkets. Like “Slim Right”.
    As long as you can stay off junk food and eating in between meals. If you have to eat something in between have something like small raw carrots or celery sticks.
    Herbal teas, low fat milk and water are your best choice of drinks.


    Choose a cereal low in sugar for breakfast. Remember all cereals are carbohydrates!
    Lunch can best be a protein drink. Like “Slim Right”.
    And all normal meals at a normal serve. Cut down on potatoes and only have small portions of these. Walking as much as you can.
    For those that want to build more muscle add some gym work to the above as well.

    Technical Stuff:

    All our bodies require a specific quantity of a protein level. The protein is taken from the food we eat. If we eat higher concentrations of protein from specific foods like say meat then that level is reached quickly. If we don’t eat enough protein then our body searches for other sources of protein contained within the Carbohydrates.
    Carbohydrates only contain a small amount of protein so we end up consuming too much of it just to get out limit of protein. At the same time absorbing too much sugar from the carbohydrates and in turn too much weight. This is how and why we put on weight. Many people over eat because they don’t consume enough protein from the right sources. Then they over compensate by binge eating carbohydrate type foods.

  4. onthegreen64 said :

    There are a lot of good plans out there, as well as some bad ones. I found a very helpful site that gave me great workouts and diet information specifically designed to help me quickly shrink my waistline and firm and flatten my stomach. It will keep you doing what’s effective, while helping you avoid what doesn’t work. Just knowing what NOT to do will save you time and money in the end and speed your progress. If you’re interested you can check it out at :

    Good luck to you!

  5. parawakan said :

    You need to do some aerobic exercise or running to burn your fat. Move your lazy bones! 😛


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