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how to i lose my body fat percentage fast?

what kind of excersises, and diet plans do i follow to lower my body fat percentage and get abs?

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4 Responses to “how to i lose my body fat percentage fast?”

  1. katzmeow_83 said :


  2. John said :

    First have a thorough physical workup to ensure that your fasting glucose level is normal and that all hormones are normal.

    Insulin resistance and hormonal problems can make it difficult to lose body fat.

    If all is normal, then the only way to shed body fat is to move more and eat less.

    to that end, a half hour of brisk walking or other aerobic activity that elevates heart rate will help you burn fat.

    Also, building muscle will help your body burn fat.

  3. Paul & Andrea said :

    The only definite way to get your body to shed fat percentage is to cause your body to use it as energy.
    A higher rate of burning calories compared to the amount of calories you’re consuming. You need to keep active and burn more calories than you’re taking in. That involves keeping track of your caloric intake and how much is burned through which activities or exercise.
    Of course you can do sit ups to strengthen and tone your abs but without losing calories it’ll still be buried under fat and won’t be seen.
    So eat less, exercise more. There’s no way around that.

  4. GAURAV said :

    you need a balance diet and some effective exercise those are more effective than a cardio or any traditional one.”Low carb” or “high protein” or any thing high-low preserve diet won’t work for you .For more info you can visit following site as well -


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