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a fast and effective way to lose body fat?

I’m a girl& i am 5’5, 116 pounds, and my body fat percentage is 25%. Please give me so ways to lose fat! i would like to be around 110 pounds and i want a body fat percentage of like 22 or 23 percent. Please help!!

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8 Responses to “a fast and effective way to lose body fat?”

  1. Matt E said:

    ur not fat 118 lbs is not overweight although i dont kno ur age tho.

  2. Texasgal said:

    For the best answer to your question go to

    There is a TON of stuff there to help you with your question about fat percentages. it’s the perfect website for you!

    Good luck,

  3. ccast0311 said:

    Magneisium Sitrate is the answer. You can buy this at any grocery store. Enjoy!!!

  4. Amber said:

    Your BMI is 19.3,… 116lbs you are well within normal range.

    You can check yourself here…..

  5. panda said:

    Well I recently dropped ALL bad foods out of my life
    ex: pork, anything with added sugar, normal breads(esp. white bread), chocolate(raw cacao beans are fine, but they’re very bitter), cereal, cheese,etc.
    I did this to prevent from getting diseases in the future but if you want to do it for only about a month or so thats cool to. I’ve lost almost 10 pounds in about a week and a half…..
    what I eat is oatmeal and whole grains and rice, plus fruits and veggies, seeds, and nuts and plenty of water.
    Plus I don’t overeat since thats bad to do.
    I hope this helped : )

  6. mactatele said:

    At your weight, dropping body fat percent is fine, but be very careful when looking at your weight in terms of pounds. Increasing your muscle mass will up regulate your base metabolic rate and help you to expend more calories throughout the day, though you may not notice a weight drop, you will look more athletic and your body fat percentage will decrease. They best way to go about this is light weight training, mixed with a regular cardio routine. Good luck!

  7. billshaws49 said:

    Google ” Understanding Body Fat percentages “. But for a woman what’s exceptable is 25 – 31% at 130lbs. For fitness such as yourself 21-24%. And for athletes 14-20%. But Google it and you will understand it better.

  8. bob j said:

    i suggest cardio workouts, because cardiois the only thing that burns the fat storage…also eat foods high in fiber like veggies or take fiber pills which i find much easier…substitute most drinks with water since you’ll be trimming off lots of calories that way..also try to eat a large breakfast and eat small meals ALL THROUGHOUT the day, keeping your metabolism cranked


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