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what are ways to lose weight fast, both upper and lower body?

how do i lose weighht in my midsection my stomach and love hadnles and shrink my waist and have skinny thighs and a tight firm butt and muscled but slim arms and a really toned back. how do i get toned and fit and slim all over and have a hot body and lose weight and build a little musle but still be sexy. i now weigh 125-127 pounds and for my height it is ideal to be between 100-123, but now i really just a sexy body. what are some tips and advice that WORK and work FAST. if you have more to say just email me [email protected], its also my msn

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9 Responses to “what are ways to lose weight fast, both upper and lower body?”

  1. candimarie said:

    Detox, detox, detox, and tone.

  2. tedsacoolguy said:

    eat right and excersise, what do you think?

  3. spinion11 said:

    diet and cardio… workouts with weights. example is circuit training

  4. Colin said:

    Raw vegan diet combined with a food combining diet. Add alkaline water. Walk, walk, walk to firm up.

  5. SIAN... said:

    it is really plain simple.follow what ppl do for diets,like eating helathy food(not oily food and definitely NO MCDONALDS!)and ddrink plenty of water,get lots of sleep(max 9 hrs) and exercise a lot.Hope this works.If it does not,u can consider trying methods u get from books in libraries.

  6. _qt said:
  7. kencan said:

    Fats are nothing more than stored acid. If you continue to take acidic food, even with exercise you cannot get rid of fats. Therefore you must solve the weight problem at the source : eating acidic food. By taking alkaline food, you prevent the intake of acid to create more fats. Besides doing exercise, you must eat only alkaline food.

    Read the book “pH miracle for weight loss”. See photos of people losing weight at ease. If you want to loose weight super fast, there is an alkaline liquid diet. According the book, people are loosing 10 pounds or more within the first 8 days. Go to the website below to see which food (and even fruits) that are acidic.

  8. kelly said:

    Exercise everyday like jogging around the block
    Skip meals. Eat 2 times per day than 3 times per day
    Dont eat until you’re full
    Eat fruits at night if your hungry.
    Drinks lots of water and stop all the fast food and chocolate.
    There are more tips and info.
    there’s a video on success fitness too.

  9. mferrell850 said:

    Water, exercise and a little sex 4 times a week.


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