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How to gain muscle as a teenager?

I am 13 and want to gain muscle. I am about 141lbs and 5’10” I plan to try to gain muscle all around. I don’t know much about a good diet. I need to know a good workout too. Please tell me as much as possible. Please give safe exercises.

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3 Responses to “How to gain muscle as a teenager?”

  1. *Stars* said :

    Yew should try walking on hte treadmill and eating healthy and yah.!:)

  2. tabitha libby said :

    eat more protien and go to the gym

  3. dwaynedale476 said :

    Workout every other day to allow muscles to recover from workouts. Eat 1 gram of protein per pound (so 140 pounds is 140 grams)
    Some good workouts are:

    Biceps- Curls, Reverse curls

    Abs – Crunches, Situps, Up and twist, 90 degree ankle reach, 180 degree ankle reach.

    Chest – Push ups


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