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How the Slimming World Diet works?

Can anyone explain without me having to join Slimming World how the diet works?
My husband wants to lose a few pounds but is struggling..he has no willpower. Someone told me that Slimming World is supposed to be good but i dont know how it works.
Any advice welcome!

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3 Responses to “How the Slimming World Diet works?”

  1. princess p said :

    i d k

  2. Fishtalk said :

    Try peanuts and milk….. after eating a whole bowl of peanuts and drinking a glass of milk… I couldn’t even think about eating for about 5 hours…really fills you up.

  3. Liz B said :

    The simple answer is that it’s a bit like the Hay system – try to separate carbs from proteins. So no bread or pasta with a meal containing meat or other protein. Or have a pasta meal with a tomato/veg sauce. There’s a lot more to it than that – and I thought the best part about it was actually going to the group each week. Because there’s quite a lot to learn and because you get to know people and it becomes more fun. Saw loads of people doing really well there including quite a few men.


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