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Slimming world: Does anyone have any child friendly green day recipes they wouldn’t mind sharing?

Child friendly as in something a 6yr old may eat?
I’m a hopeless cook and am finding it difficult to cook the same meals for both of us, that stick to my green day diet.
Nurse S: It’s a very healthy diet, far healthier than the crap most people feed their kids!
In no way would I make him diet, but a proper balanced meal is a good thing and doesn’t need questioning OR my mothering skills!

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6 Responses to “Slimming world: Does anyone have any child friendly green day recipes they wouldn’t mind sharing?”

  1. Lucy W said :

    Anything is pretty easy!! Save your 2 B options so…. say bread and fish! Then you could make your own fish fingers with the bread crumbs, egg and flour (couple of syns)! then make slimming world chips which are free on a green day, and baked beans which are a superspeed food!!!;_ylt=Au2BC7Xctk5.iydC.ePbDAzsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080429090135AAw1Y0k

  2. spider said :

    id say pasta with peas, and quorn bolognaise using passata and a bit of other sauces, so it will be low sin and also a classic kids fav 🙂

  3. sherie j said :

    Jacket potato with ‘A’ option cheese n beans with a salad for you add a couple of sausages or chopped cooked bacon for your 6 y o

  4. Nurse Soozy said :

    Is it wise to make your child do the Slimming World diet with you?

  5. mandy said :

    slimming world chips.egg fried in fry light and baked beans. all free.

  6. Ali K said :

    Is your little one a veggie? I am but my children aren’t. I worry about them eating exactly what I have because I think they need additional good fats etc, so I tend to give them whatever I’m having with something extra on the side. For instance:

    Egg fried veg rice (stir fry diced courgettes, sugar snaps, broccoli, sweetcorn, peas etc then add egg, cooked rice and soy sauce) for everyone with some fish fingers on the side for your little one.

    Jacket potatoes with cottage cheese or beans with salad or veg for you – add plenty of cheddar to you little one’s serving

    Veggie spaghetti bolognese or chilli but top your child’s one with Parmesan

    Egg and slimming world chips with veg – add a piece of fish for your child


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