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Can Type 1 Diabetics do the Slimming World diet?

i’m type 1 diabetic and i want to do the Slimming World diet, i don’t know whether i can or not, should i consult my clinic first or what?
Help Please 🙂

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4 Responses to “Can Type 1 Diabetics do the Slimming World diet?”

  1. Fifi L'amour said :

    I believe that the Slimming World diet can be followed by any person as it is basically a healthy balanced diet which encourages more fruit and veg and less calorific snacks.
    It is always wise to check with your GP, and you could also go along to a Slimming World group and check with the leader before you join.
    Like I said, it is a healthy diet so I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t follow it as a diabetic.

  2. James T said :

    Course you can, to be honest it will probably make controlling your diabetes easier as you have to count carbs and stuff for slimming world and get a lot more help in doing so. you eat less fattening and sugary foods. So yeah go for it. If i didn’t love my food so much then I would do it too, unfortunately I have to just really on will power to not eat sugary stuff and giving myself a kick up the ass if i neglect taking my blood sugar or something lol.

  3. wardmw said :

    If you are on four injections a day then certainly you can but I would discuss it with your diabetic nurse (or nutritionist if you are lucky enough to have one) at the same time.

    If you are on two jabs a day then you need to be careful, it’s harder to juggle your insulin and carbohydrate intake on this regime.

    Good luck with the diet,


  4. starlight said :

    yes you can and weightwatchers but you must tell your doctor first, and you must tell the slimming club that your diabetic . they may require a letter from your doctor to say its ok for you to participate.

    you will need regular check ups with the nurse to make sure your sugar levels stay constant and regular.


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