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Has anyone tried slimming patches or diet pills?

My friend tried diet pills and made her quite poorly, perhaps because some contain speed. So I’d be worried to try them. I also wondered if anyone has had success with diet patches.

I don’t want to hear comments about eating healthily or excersie because I already do that, I don’t want to hear about weight watchers or slimming world or any other comments other than answers that directly relate to my question which no-one ever seems to be able to do.

If you know nothing about diet pills or patches please don’t bother answering.

Anyone who is helpful then thank you.

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12 Responses to “Has anyone tried slimming patches or diet pills?”

  1. courtney d said :

    !……..Cleansing technology is relatively new and people don’t know the power of its success….The primary reason for obesity in this country is because of the toxins we ingest on a day to day basis

    for information and news stories, check out this other site….

  2. Talisha<3 said :

    I used to take the diet pill Slimquick. It helped me lose 40 pounds. It really worked for me. I think diet pills work diffrently for everyone, you just have to find one that works for you.

  3. Kit9 said :

    don’t do pills or patches, try hypnotherapy……

    Paul Mackenna has some great CD’s out, you can get one with a book for less than £10 from well known online stores…… just need a spare 25mins per day

  4. john m said :

    I was prescribed Zyban to help me quit smoking and while using it found that it was an appetite suppressant. I regularly feinted because I forgot to eat as I never felt hungry. Went from 16.5 stone to 11.5 stone over a 3 year period, most lost in the couple of months I used Zyban.

  5. AS said :

    Ive tried every single diet pill ever invented so I know which work. Take either Zantrex-3 in the bright blue bottle, or Xenedrine Super Hard Core,, those are the only ones that worked for me. Zantrex-3. youll never be hungrey, take it 15 before you eat. You will take like 4 bites of something and be full. Xenedrine gives you alot of energy, and I wouldnt be hungry when I took it…I hope they work for you. If you wanna lose more, take water pills with them…

  6. shedendgirl said :

    I’ve lost a lot of weight with Paul McKenna book called “I can make you thin”. It is a diet with only 4 rules, but basically you can eat what you want when you want. You dont have to exercise (although it will speed things up if you do) and the cd helps with motivation, relaxation, it’s a kind of hypnotherapy … absolutely brilliant. I bought my book and cd from Amazon for about £5.99.
    I don’t have much more to lose, but I am now considering using green coffee (svetol) capsules to lose the last few pounds … I have been told you can lose 6% body fat in 60 days.
    Good luck to you … I hope you find some good advice on here.

  7. Jane M said :

    Fantastic question.! You say it how it is. I’m sick of posting questions in this category to get the same answers back from the same people. ” Eat thrice a day is one” and the girl who goes swimming twice a week. People if you can’t answer the question directly don’t bother waffling on about whatever you feel like .

    I have been on phentermine for about 2 months and have lost 17lbs. They do make me a bit irritable and my PMT seems to be worse. They don’t contain speed this is a common misunderstanding. They are from the same family of amphetamines as speed etc but are not the same. I get mine through my GP and he regularly monitors my health every week. Don’t buy anything off the net / etc cos these tablets are mostly not real / can be cut with something nasty like rat poison or can speed etc. Good luck

  8. yummy mummy said :

    i have taken some slimming tabs, they help suppress your appetite and also give you a boost of energy i doubt they contain speed as i bought them from the local suppliment shop (the ones that sell the suppliments that body builders use) so maybe its worth asking in shops like that for some advice. good luck xx

  9. go_green5 said :

    I was addicted to diet pills when I was like 18. They gave me lots of energy and I guess I lost a little weight, but I got the shakes really bad and I actually started getting sick from them. Lots of spotting and nose bleeds. I highly recommend that you try other methods other then pills.

  10. Tony T said :

    I came across this great product for weight loss and it was excellent for me. Together with a good diet and exercise I am finally happy with my body and the way I look. You should check this product at , they have a free trial and you only pay 5.49$ shipping and handling. A must!

  11. Dr Frank said :

    Thousands of people try them every year and are generally disappointed. Nothing looses weight for you and diets fail. 2 in 3 dieters end up heavier than when they started. Nothing really works except a modest calorie decrease which MUST be accompanied by a significant and continuous increase in calorie expenditure which necessitates exercise.

    If you watched last nights news they were making the point ( which most dietitians and doctors have know for years,) that you must exercise, even a small stomach bulge is unhealthy and you cant make this go away with iet alone.

  12. salvationcity said :

    Haven’t tried patches. but have used every diet pill on the planet!

    Non-presciption drugs don’t work. Prescription ones do but a couple of them have nasty side-effects. Your friend was probably on Phentermine/Ephadrine which is a speed varient. The NHS doesn’t generally prescribe it, so she probably got it from a private diet clinic. It’s main use in the NHS is for morbidly obese people who need to get weight of immediately for a surgical operation.

    The three NHS weight loss drugs (also available on-line without prescription) are Xenical (stops your body absorbing 33% of your fat intake, you poo it out instead), Meridia (appetite suppresent) and Accomplia (new appetite suppresent wonder drug. 50% chance it’ll make you thin, happy and give you lovely skin, 50% chance it’ll drive you to suicide – most NHS doctors won’t prescribe it).

    If you buy these on-line they’ll cost you anywhere between £60 and £120 a month.

    Personally I’m a Xenical fan.


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