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Can you explain the principles behind Slimming world please?

I am thinking of trying this diet but honestly don’t understand it. Can anyone supply a sample menu for a red or green day please. Thanks xxx

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3 Responses to “Can you explain the principles behind Slimming world please?”

  1. Soozy said :

    There are free samples on the website.

  2. 1 of 1 said :

    If there was a single diet on this planet that actually worked, then there would soon be no need for diets, ergo diets don’t work. However, people can lose weight! It involves doing more work and eating less food. There is a trick to it that is more a lifestyle change than a diet. Which involves ……………..

  3. Nigel B said :

    There is the red day(original plan) or green days.
    Tthe idea is hat if you choose a red day you can eat as much lean meat as you like,but only a certain ammount of carbohydrates.I you use the green plan it works the opposite way ie; you can eat as many carbohydrate eg pasta ,potato,rice etc as you like but you eat restricted ammounts of meat.With both diets you have what is called free food meaning you can eat as much as you like eg any fruit or vedgetables. You can choose red or green each day ,but you must stick with that choose to the end of the day.Hope this helps.Good luck.Nigel.P.s i lost one stone in 7 weeks with this plan.It does work.


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