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I have a friend that is pregnant but interested in slimming healthily; any tips?

My friend would like to do the diet as promoted by ‘slimming world’. However due to circumstances she can only do it online as oppose to go to the meetings. Being pregnant won’t allow her to do the diet online however this company does allow pregnant women to follow the diet if they go to the meetings. This isn’t possible, so I was wondering whether anyone had any experience either doing ‘slimming world’ whilst pregnant and could give some of the secrets away or anyone who managed to slim naturally during pregnancy? Any tips and success stories would be helpful. There is no question of this not being a healthy venture so there is no need for concern.

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7 Responses to “I have a friend that is pregnant but interested in slimming healthily; any tips?”

  1. sophie h said :

    Personally i think that she should wait until the baby has been born and then start dieting!

  2. bro_tj1 said :

    wait 9 months

  3. The mom said :

    It is a question of it being a healthy venture, and the question really should be put to your friend’s obstetrician for the final and informed opinion. Pregnancy is not a time for dieting, and most doctors will not recommend it. When the baby comes there will be ample opportunity for her to lose weight. In the meantime, it is much better if she eats well and sensible amounts so her unborn child has ample enough to grow properly. When the baby arrives, she can nurse it, which will give her an automatic 500 calorie deficiet for as long as she nurses. Nursing mothers eating a normal, to slightly lower calorie intact can literally watch the pounds melt off. I’ve used this to my advantage with four pregnancies, and been able to pare down to my high school graduation weight of 120, from almost 180 after first baby was born. Encourage your friend to eat properly now, and diet later- a healthy baby well born is more important than numbers on a scale.

  4. Dameon Vincent Tower said :

    Wait for the child to be born for goodness sakes. This slimming world is pretty understanding about added pounds when you are eating for two. She has something inside of her stomach that depends on her for nourishment to live, that should be her main worry, not why all of a sudden she has diet killing craving for bologna and peanut butter, pregnancy is a beautiful thing in itself it should be embraced. And no I am not a pro-lifer freak or anything I am in fact pro-choice.

  5. wayne l said :

    When my ex-wife was preg. she had a gallstone attack. The Dr. put her on a fat-free diet for it. When she had my daughter she was lighter then she was when she got preg and my daughter was a healthy 8lb 9oz baby. But she was over weight to Begin with, Don’t know if this will help you out but you wanted to know if anyone had experience with this.

    Have her discuss any diet with her Dr during pregnancy

  6. duskyblues said :

    Dieting when you’re pregnant is a really bad idea – the baby needs as much protein as it can get to grow healthily. Seriously, tell your friend that dieting can cause problems for the baby’s natural growth and health. Dieting is bad, but exercise is good – lots of pregnant women continue to exercise throughout their pregnancy, albeit in a gentler fashion. Walking once or twice a day is a brisk, soft way to lose weight and won’t effect the pregnancy. Swimming is also great because your body takes on a weightless feeling – really good for the third trimester – and it is a brilliant all over body workout.

  7. Danielle G said :

    Advice from experts now a days is that if you eat your regular pre pregnancy caloric amount, then your pregnancy weight should level off at about 12 to 15 lbs before birth. Thats only if you are OVERWEIGHT to begin with. If she cuts back on the salt, fat and sugar, she should be able to have a healthy pregnancy with minimal weight gain. She should see a nutritionist. I did when I was pregnant with my son. Very informative. I hate when people think that if pregnant you should pig out and eat whatever you want whenever you want. Putting on too much weight during pregnancy can be just as bad as putting on too little! She should have her doc and nutritionist work together.


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