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How many calories would a trainee burn in a day at basic training?

Not just with all the physical workouts but with the marching, drills and so on. It’s constant stress, how many calories would a normal trainee burn?

Could someone who is 165lb 5’6″ go down to 120lb? Or is it to much?

(Im not referring to Marine bootcamp which is tougher than the others)

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4 Responses to “How many calories would a trainee burn in a day at basic training?”

  1. Well Duh! said :

    The only one who has basic training is the Air Force. I only lost about 8 pounds. I think 45 pounds is not doable.

  2. Keith said :

    Count on maybe 4 to 6 lbs a month if you’re exercising and eating intelligently. Any more loss is too hard on your heart. You can lose a bunch in the first week but that doesn’t count, its what you lose over a few months is when you find the limitations of your body.

  3. Popeye said :

    Put is this way I consumed about 3,000-3500 cals a day in basic and I lost 17 pounds.

    Keep in mind you you run before you eat breakfast so that burns quit a bit of fat.

    If you make the right decisions and thre chow hall you could probably lose maybe 30 pounds in basic.

  4. .700 nitro said :

    4000-5000 in the Marines on some days. Other services will be over 2000 per day on training days. Sundays are usually light.

    You will lose weight


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