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How many calories would a 200lb male typically burn while using an Eliptical Machine for 30mins?

Approximately how many calories would a 200lb male burn while using an Eliptical Machine for 30mins? Is there some sort of free online calorie calculator?

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5 Responses to “How many calories would a 200lb male typically burn while using an Eliptical Machine for 30mins?”

  1. tom w said :

    It really depends on the intensity level of the machine. Is the workout light or heavy. The eliptical machines at my gym all have built in calorie calculators that figure it out and let you see how many calories you are burining while you exercise.

    If you are barely breaking a sweat then you probably will only burn 150 to 200 calories. Where if you are really working yourself and getting your heart rate going you will burn closer to 400 or 500 calories.

  2. Ren said :

    It depends on two factors:
    1) Level/Resistance you work out at
    2) How fast you move your legs

    Because of these, I’m not sure how much you burn.
    I am a 125lb female and I burn 250 to 350 calories in half an hour on the eliptical. I usually do a resistance of 8-12.

    Obviously, the higher the resistance and the faster you move your legs, the greater the amount of calories you burn.

    I think another factor to consider is your body composition. It depends if you can be described as 200 lbs of muscle or 200 lbs of…fat. I think that if its more like the latter, you would burn more calories, though I’m not positive about that…

  3. Icy gazpacho said :

    The problem is.. it would depend on the level of resistence on the orbital and the cadence of the athlete. The only sensible way to tell is to use a monitor. I can take a guess at somewhere between 150 and 300 Cals.

    The thing is.. if you are calorie counting… you only need to work out your BMR and then apply the Harris Benedict Equation based on the amount of exercise you are doing per week to come up with a reasonably accurate assessment of your daily calorie burn.

    Here.. take a look at this site…

    It may be surprising to you that you burn far more “at rest” during a 24 hour period than you do exercising. This of course doesn’t mean that you should not exercise.. lol.

  4. Don C said :

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  5. Jerry C said :

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