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How many calories will I burn after a half hour on my bike?

Okay, so it’s a pretty even coarse; some uphill, some down. I’m going at a good speed, how many calories will I burn? Also, how many calories will I burn after a 45 minute workout video where you walk in place, and do kicks, leg lifts, and side steps?

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7 Responses to “How many calories will I burn after a half hour on my bike?”

  1. mr. blue said :


  2. Myron Massacre said :

    in bike riding, just strolling for half an hour should only burn about 100 calories or so, where as aggressively riding for 30 minutes could burn 300 calories or more. Hope it helped:-)

  3. lecloakgenie said :

    it totally depends on how heavy you are and the intensity at which you work. go to and use their free weight loss tools…incredibly helpful!

  4. cykessa said :

    From 450 to 700 depending on how fast you peddle. I have included a website that has a chart of all types of activities.

  5. Usaneko said :

    This is a pretty good calculator that can help you with your entire days calorie burning because it even has things that you do every day.

  6. Ryan P said :

    These sites have long lists of activities, each one gives an estimate of how many calories burned in how much time etc. Everybody burns at different rates, body size etc. but this is a good way to see about how many your burning.
    Good luck, Stay fit

  7. TheChad said :

    really it is different for all people. The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn. Dont worry about how many calories you are burning. Just make sure your workouts are difficult and dont workout like a freak every day. You have to have a balance. Just count your calories as far as your food intake goes. Eat good foods (chicken, turkey etc.) and of corse vegi’s and fruits. If you are wanting to loose weight than count how many calories you are intaking now a day. Cut that back by about 500 calories less each day (if you cut back more than that too fast your body will go into survivor mode and store alot of the food you eat as fat). A healthy weight loss amount is about 1 to 2 pounds a week.


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