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How many fat grams are burnt during an hour of 15 mph biking?

Assuming that you burn a total of around 600 calories during the biking, about how many grams/calories of fat would be burnt compared to carbs and protein?

Also, would the answer still be the same if the bike ride was the exact same intensity and length, except you went after eating a meal high in sugar and carbs? Thanks.

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One Response to “How many fat grams are burnt during an hour of 15 mph biking?”

  1. paige g said :

    A calorie is a calorie. Fat has 9 calories per gram, protein and carbs have 4. Simple sugars get stored just as fat does, but the how is a bit different. It is possible to manipulate and trick your body into burning a specific type of kcal from what I understand (not just a fasting state).

    It also depends on body mass, metabolism, body fat/muscle ratio.

    If you were to eat carbs just prior, you may find that you have more energy intitially, which may help you burn the calories you just took in.
    The most important things are to have enough energy to perform and enough to heal afterwards. Basic rule – hydrate/carbs prior – hydrate/up protein afterward.


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