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how many calories in this?

we made a big bowl of tuna and bow tie pasta salad. it had canned tuna fish, alittle mayo, and bow tie pasta. i had a bowl of it (regular sized bowl) how many calories would u guess that is?

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4 Responses to “how many calories in this?”

  1. Asd Asd said :

    it depends how much tuna and pasta you had. if u had more tuna than pasta it would be approximately 600-700 calories and if you had more pasta salad than tuna it could run you over 800 calories because of the mayonnaise

  2. sweetroll said :

    If the pasta salad came out of a box then the calorie count could be double than if you used plain bow tie pasta. Most tuna these days is canned in water even though I think oil pack tastes better.
    With a box mix and the ingredients you mentioned probably around 400 calories for a average size bowl.
    With plain pasta and regular mayo probably around 250+ or so.

  3. Sian said :

    well pasta can be good for you but not to much because you will get a bit of a bellie i recan there are about 150 calories! hope no worries!

  4. David said :

    650 calories in it. Mayo has a lot of calories in just a small amount. Tuna and pasta also have calories.


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