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How many calories are in this sandwich ?

I have no idea how many calories are in this sandwich, and I eat it almost everyday. It is 2 slices of turkey on 2 slices of white bread w/ a very thin layer of mayo on each slice of bread. I know each slice of bread is 70 calories, so there is 140 calories right there. But with the turkey and mayo (helmans), how many calories are in the whole sandwich ?

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5 Responses to “How many calories are in this sandwich ?”

  1. Miley said :

    I bet six.

  2. steve.57343 said :

    Nice sandwich, might be a winner with wheat bread and a little romaine lettuce and tomato..

  3. 100perstratusfaction said :

    the turkey has 45 the mayo has 90 light mayo has 45 extra light has 16 reduced fat has 20 and if i were u i wouldn’t use tomatos

  4. Liz said :

    Well, that depends very much on the brand of deli turkey, how the turkey was cooked, how much fat is in it, etc. Your deli butcher should be able to give you the exact values for the turkey you get. But it will be somewhere between 25-45 calories per slice I’d say, and your “very thin” layer of mayonnaise is about 50 calories, making your sandwich about…235 calories.

  5. Raymundo Kuang said :

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